Salsa Beach Splash believes in

Zero tollerance of sexual harassment

As our dancing scene has been shaken by numerous stories of sexual abuse on and off the dance floor, SBSF decided to immediately enforce policies that will stop this behaviour and penalize or remove individuals that we get complains about in a hope that Salsa Beach Splash will be absolutely free of this unacceptable individuals and behaviours.

Victims and witnesses

Let us know!!!

SBSF staff is instructed to watch carefully, but we can’t see everything so it is up to you to report everyone that makes you feel uncomfortable. The only way we can eradicate all incidents is for YOU to help us by reporting offenders.

Report every offender to the organizers

You don’t have to be a victim to report an offender.

Some people may be shy, uncomfortable or tolerable so if you witness sexual harassment or sexual abuse – report the offender on their behalf.

SBSF supports ZERO TOLERANCE initiative

Initiated by Lara, Karina and Olu, this campaign is against acts of sexual abuse and sexual harrassement in order to create an environment in our community which is uncomfortable and unwelcoming to sexual offenders and supportive of survivors of sexual abuse.

With the support of CLIMB against sexual abuse

For more information about the initiative contact Lara, Karina or Olu

Offenders blacklist 

SBSF will keep updated list of all offenders with their pictures in order to restrict or prevent their participation in festival. Also, there is an ongoing initiative between international festival organizers to create shared list of offenders that SBSF supports. So… Consider yourself warned.