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This is what the world thinks of Croatia


“Cro-a-ti-a” is a small Mediterranean country located on the coast of the Adriatic sea. This specific location graced Croatia with warm and pleasant climate, gorgeous sea and kind people. If anything is to be said about Croatia it’s versatile. There are so many things to experience on such a small area… But never mind what we say; check what other said about us:

So here it goes, read them all. It’s a dare.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Sean Connery and Tom Cruise are among the celebrities spotted vacationing on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast in the past few years

According to A-list publications the likes of GQ, National Geographic and the New York Times, they are right on the mark. Not long ago, each heralded Croatia “the new Riviera.” The latest edition of the Lonely Planet guide to the country goes further, calling it the world’s hottest vacation destination. So, what’s the appeal? To begin, consider its landscape.

Southern Croatia has a stunning coastline  that spans 1,778 kilometres along the Adriatic and thousands of sun-drenched islands. Ancient towns offer a diversity of attractions including rich examples of Greek, Roman, Venetian and Slavic architecture. Croatia’s superb cuisine and increasingly renowned wines compare favourably to those of other Mediterranean locations. Finally, and perhaps most importantly for the young traveller, it’s relatively affordable.