So... There is a heaven


Mr. Leon Rose


That moment...

...when DJ plays a tune so awesome
that you want to take that tune and go to live on
a small island and have children with it.


Wait for the Leon Rose

Seriously. just wait.


Keep calm

...and dry


Aquagaloo FTW!

With Rodrigo Cortazar

Sunday, 7th July, starting around 2pm. Come early leave last.

Eat something before

Sloshing 77 mojitos on an empty stomach is a bad idea from the start.

Leave valuables at home

There’s no need to bring a box with grandma’s jewelry to the pool party.

Wear sunscreen

Not a joke. Wear a sunscreen. Red lobster evening look was never a thing. Nor it will ever be.

Drink moderately

Ok, but at least don’t make a mess out of yourself. At least not completely.


One can’t enter a pool without a valid ticket, but not to worry – Pool Party ticket is included in all festival passes. If you are here just for the Pool Party you will be able to buy ticket at the entrance.

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What some seasoned Salseros say about us

I can say I’m in a relationship with this event and it was love at the first sight. As usual, I had the best time, I saw my old crazy friends and I made new ones, I enjoyed every party, every HotSpot and the best pool party in the world.

Laura L.Romania

The pool party was a blast! I had an amazing afternoon of dancing, chatting, tanning... so much fun and craziness... great moments. I’ll be back for sure! =)

Sabrina J.UK

It can’t get better then this. Every year I think ”it can’t get better then this”, but somehow it always does! Amazing organisation and really crazy atmosphere, something you just can’t put in words…you must come and experience it!

Ana S.Croatia

Where is it?

Pool Party place (“En Vogue”) is beneath hotel Jure across the main beach. You can’t miss it. If you are coming from hotel Ivan, turn right and just follow the beach. If you get lost, just follow the music.

Find it on a map

The best Pool Party ever!!! Never had so much fun!!!
The romanian and croatian girls were crazyyyy and Finchacha worked the pole real good!!!!

Bircan T.UK

Some moves never go out of style

I just wanted to have the same SBSF of last year… Same fun level.. My expectation was just that…
Dont know how, but, SBSF was the most Fun and Enjoyable Festival of my whole life!!… Sea, sun, hot spot, cathedral, parties and of course that AMAZING POOL PARTY!!!! They were really epic… i enjoyed every second of them!…

Ayhan D.Turkey

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Keep calm

...and dry