Live Concert under the sky


Authentic 15th century stage

...for your latest salsa moves


Breathtaking performances

Friday, 5th July, starting at 9pm. Ends at midnight.

Come early

Concert starts around 9pm so come early if you want to dance to the live band.

Leave valuables at home

There’s no need to withdraw all your money from the ATM and keep it in your pocket.

Discover the city

Friday afternoon is a perfect time to get around the city and roam around narrow streets before the concert. Just saying.

Use free buses

Check for the free buses schedule and don’t be late as they commute every 25 min.

What is it all the about?

Live band, show performances, one spectacular cathedral and unforgettable dance experience under the stars in the beautiful old, authentic city center.

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What some seasoned Salseros say about us

Everybody was happy there! Loved the open air concert! The band was very professional, the sound between this old nice houses was great.. Everybody was happy there!

Stephan K.

Concert in Sibenik square was so pleasant! This concert was great!! I loved the atmosphere of the concert, the place and dancer performances. What a pity that we have to wait one year to repeat this experience… Eating in Sibenik was a pleasure too! With my French friends, we love it! Too much!

Rafael C.S.

It’s incredible to feel the positive energy of dancers from all over the world and to dance to the rhythms of live music SBSF in Sibenik is unimaginable without this concert and I can’t wait for the next one!

Sandra S.Croatia

Where is it?

Open Air Concert takes place in front of St. James Cathedral in the heart of Šibenik. The address is Trg Republike Hrvatske 22000, Šibenik. Just come to the city center and you’ll hear the music.

Find it on a map

Something magical for me! Place to be. Every time have a real pleasure from open air concert. Very beautiful place, special fabulous atmosphere, something magical for me.

Yulia L.Russia

Shiny happy people

Can’t wait… Open air concert in Sibenik was amazing, fantastic live music, brilliant shows , fun social dancing and the square is beautiful, fantastic fun atmosphere, can’t wait to do it all again!

Fintan L.Ireland

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