Life is all about the simple things...


Free watermelons


All you need is

Sun, music and the dance floor.


Join the parade...

Every day except Sunday, starting around 2pm. Come early leave last.

Just be there

Have fun, mingle, relax, talk, gossip, dance and enjoy life.

Leave valuables at home

There’s no need to bring all your money and credit cards to the Hot Spot.

Wear sunscreen

Not a joke. Wear a sunscreen. Red lobster evening look was never a thing. Nor it will ever be.

Watch your feet!

Hot dance floor and bare feet were never friends. Don’t test this fact as it will end painfully.

Hot Spot

This is the heart of the SBSF. Do roam around, go to workshops, visit the city, throw yourself in the water and do whatever… But come back to the Hot Spot. We will be there. Everyone is there. Hot Spot. Stay cool.

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What some seasoned Salseros say about us

The hotspot is my favorite part of the festival. That’s the real reason I keep going back to SBSF. The parties are great but they are nothing like hanging out with friends and dancing in the wind and sun by the pool and sea.

Tiran I.

Awesome! Everything about the hotspot was awesome! Fantastic music, friends, dancing… Just enjoying life!

Toan H.UK

Really my favorite SBSF place. Combine everything in one place – chilling out, dancing, swimming, drinking, fooling around – choose what you want 🙂

Yulia L.Russia

Where is it?

Hot Spot place (“Bongos Bar”) is located near hotel Andrija, at the eastern Amadria Park beach. Coming from Hotel Ivan, exit to the parking, turn right and just go strait. If you get lost, just follow the music.

Find it on a map

THE hottest and coolest spot of the festival, it is an unforgettable experience – dancing right there at the beach, with a cocktail never far, and a whole bunch of awesome people all around! Jump in the pool or in the sea to cool off, and repeat from start!

Luka P.CRO

Free watermelons

Quality time! The hotspot was a great fun! Setting on a table having a bar service, dancing under the sunshine to the Dj music.. Socializing with friends & artists.. Quality time!!

Magid A.Saudi Arabia

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