Float away...


47 ginger-headed sailors...


There's an island


Sunset on the boat...

Thursday, 4th July, departing at 3pm. Come before as boat waits for no one.

Lunch included

Don’t stuff yourself before the trip. Lunch is included in the trip experience.

Leave valuables at home

There’s no need to bring all your earthly possessions to the boat trip.

Wear sunscreen

Not a joke. Wear a sunscreen. Red lobster evening look was never a thing. Nor it will ever be.

Drink moderately

Ok, but at least don’t make a mess out of yourself. At least not completely.

The Boat Trip

Contagious summer party music awaits you on the boat before you set a foot on the deck and best DJs will feed your inner party animal for the whole trip. There’s also a lunch, cocktails, gorgeous archipelago, sightseeing, and a whole lot a boat rockin’.

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What some seasoned Salseros say about us

Mind blowing experience! What to say about the boat trip? This was a mind blowing experience, with all I could expect : breathtaking scenery, awesome music and crazy party people. I won’t miss it next year!

Ludo B.France

The Boat trip was absolute amazing! The party was on nonstop all the time and people were just enjoying every second and moment as if there was no tomorrow! Fun like hell, with disco Party and salsa music dancing all together, in couple, trios, groups, etc., with sun, cocktail, games, etc. Memorable! A Must go for next year!

Eduardo M.

Awesome! Awesome boat trip! Sun, friends, delicious food, music, dipping into sea and dancing on the top of the boat… Can’t wait for the next year!

Leena R.Sweden

Where is it?

Boat departs from the Solaris camp port located 200 m from the En Vogue bar (Pool Party place) – so find En Vogue bar and continue walking till the first dock where happy boat awaits you. Hard to miss really.

Find it on a map

See you next year! Sun, sea, salsa… What happens on the boat stays on the boat, that’s all I will say – see you next year!

Vitas K.Netherlands

Some guys just “have it”.

Concentrated happiness! Wonderful memories that will keep you going for the whole year long! A part of the festival experience that is not to be missed.

Vedrana J.Croatia

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