St. James Chatedral

Made of stone without cement

St. James Cathedral

One of the symbols of Šibenik – the beautiful cathedral of St. James, whose uniqueness, and the complexity of its architecture, has been given a deserved place on the UNESCO list of World heritage sites in the year 2000. It’s the only cathedral in the whole of Europe built exclusively out of stone, without the use of mortar or ancient constructive materials. St. James’s Cathedral is unique not only in Croatian but in terms of world architecture

Unique church in Europe

The cathedral of St. James in Šibenik was built over the course of more than a hundred years, and is a testament to the persistence, perseverance, and faith of generations of the citizens of Šibenik. It stand outs in many ways, not only in Croatian, but also European architecture. It’s famous for its iconographical innovations, out of which a special place is deserved for the frieze of 74 sculpted heads that stands for the most numerable and best gallery of portraits exhibited as a public monument on a sacral building in Europe. It’s unique for its daring constructional montage of stone panels and naves. It’s also unique among renaissance churches with a front piece in the shape of a clover. Finally, it’s the only building whose eternal volume completely corresponds to its interior space.

St James Open Air Concert

We organized party in front of St. James’s Cathedral last year and it was a blast! Yes, you loved the beach and everything, but St. James’s Cathedral and live mambo band on this historic 15th century stage gave this party a special flare and created atmosphere nobody dared to resist :). Spectacular show performances fired up the salsa crowd as well as many tourists and bystanders that gazed in wonder contemplating on what they did so right to found themselves in the middle of this breathtaking dancing rhapsody. So we invite you once again to join us to this amazing experience one hardly ever forgets.

Working hours

08:30 – 20:30

Ticket Price

10 kn

(approx. € 1.34)


Suitable Clothes:

Bathing suits, shorts and sleeveless shirts are forbidden


The View

This is the best spot for viewing a
Cathedral. Climb there but be extra careful
as there is no fence.