Special Master Workshops

From the best for the best

Release your body to the wild!

4 super stars and 4 special master workshops. These workshops are for advanced dancers that are hungry for unforgiving master level workshops that will properly challenge you and raise your skill level. Your teachers will give their best to share their vast knowledge with you and to give you more than you can handle. While being extremely hard to follow, if you are able to push yourself through, these classes will push you through your glass ceiling and bring you to the next level (there’s always the next level).

Special Master Workshops schedule

Check the brochure for the details and ask if in doubt


Special Master Workshop

Mambo Shines

Carla Voconi

12:15 – 13:15

Solaris Convention Center

Friday, 6th

Special Master Workshop


Juan Matos & Fabiana

16:00 – 17:00

Solaris Convention Center

Saturday, 7th

Special Master Workshop

Afro Cuban

Bersy Cortez

17:15 – 18:15

Solaris Convention Center

Sunday, 8th

Special Master Workshop


Rodrigo Cortazar

14:00 – 15:00

Solaris Convention Center

What can you expect from Special Master Workshops

Expect hard workshops that will challenge you no matter the level you are on. Also, expect sweat and some tears too as it can be extremely frustrating to get some of i.e. Franklin’s moves… The idea of Special Master Workshops at the first place is not to get a shines pattern or to get a partnerwork combination out of it – it is to expose your body to the moves it never experienced before. To push your mind much further of what you already know and to force your body to try to break routines and fixed mechanical pathways. Unfortunately this is not easy. But hey, at the end, what remains are just sweaty smiling faces. All of them no less.


Yep, Special Master Workshops can be bought separately

Single Special Master Workshop tickets can be bought at the workshop entrance. This might not be the most economical choice of all, but if you want to attend only one of the workshops – you can! But please bare in mind that in case we sell too many special master passes in the pre-pales we might close the sales of single workshop tickets.