Salsa Phobias

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“Ok I have a question, but this time for those of you who have been doing it for a while (dancing that is!), Are there any salsa/dance related phobia one can develop from years of being on the salsa scene? Like dipteria, the acute fear of being dipped after years of suffering at the hand of leads who have CCRDD (Compulsive crowded room dipping disorder). Or Chacharitis, usually only affects mambo dancer, and it manifests in the form of acute fear, followed by the inability to move from the side of the dancefloor onto the dancefloor when a cha cha tune is playing. I thought of OSD, Obsessive Styling Disorder, but that is not so much a phobia more the opposite. Then there is Timbaphobic, again only seems to affect On 2 dancer and it is where completely cool and otherwise nice dancers suddenly turning into the raging hulk after only 2 bars of a timba track. And Beatphilia, the absolute fear of dancing on any beat, not to be confused with ‘tone deaf’. Are there any more?”

Salsa Phobias in no particular order…

Here you can find some of the most funny/inspirational salsa phobias created by Olu and coffee lounge guests. Have fun reading them and watch out as some of them point to the valuable insight on what salsa dancers of today fear the most.