Salsa Dancing Etiquette Simplified

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Etiquette is a fancy word to remind us of the best way to behave in certain situations. Salsa is no exception; it’s important to know these things so you don’t make a fool of yourself and be banished from the dance-floor forever.

However, you don’t need to waste your precious time and energy believing all those super-complicated lists of this thing you must do and this thing you absolutely must not do. You could be out there dancing instead. Luckily the truth is so wonderfully simple. Let’s talk about Salsa dancing etiquette.
Don’t be that dancer everyone hates
Who wants to dance with a sweaty, smelly, selfish person who doesn’t smile, doesn’t think of their partner, gets sleazy, and dominates the entire dance-floor? Nope, I thought not. Equally, don’t be that person who cuts straight across a dance floor mid- song and collide with everyone. Don’t drink and dance! And playing superior and correcting your dance partner doesn’t go down too well either. But I’m pretty sure that an amazing person like you had that all figured out anyway.
How to become the most loved dancer
It’s simple; you just need to remember to be the best person you can be. Let that unique, kind, polite, compassionate, sexy, talented person free. Every day of your life you need to show the world wonderful person you are inside. This is true of the Salsa dance-floor as well as real- life. Salsa dancing etiquette really doesn’t need to be brain-taxing or complicated. Use your head!
It’s so easy to be a brilliant dancer that everyone wants to dance with, and most importantly not to make a faux-pas. Don’t over-complicate things- let your inner self shine!
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