Promoting at SBSF

Guidelines for festival organizers and promoters

Dear festival organizers and promoters

Because of the limited promotional space at Salsa Beach Splash Festival we have to ask you to limit the promotional materials to flyers and a banner. Please don’t bring projectors, posters, standees, cutouts, stickers or whatever – we have no place for them.

Thanks for understanding

Let us know that you’re coming!

Due to the limited space we have to plan in advance for the placement of banners and flyers so please let us know that you are coming. If you don’t announce your arrival there’s a possibility that there won’t be place for your promo materials.

You are welcome to bring

Banner (Roll-up)

Placement of the materials

There will be a designated area for the banners as well as few tables for flyers. You can have only one pile of flyers per table. All flyers and banners outside the designated area will be removed.

Please respect other promoter’s materials. Don’t move already placed banners and don’t put your flyers on top of flyers of other promoters. That’s just rude.


It is considered very rude to place your promotional materials at a festival without asking for permission first.

SBSF allows all friendly organizers and festival representatives to promote at SBSF and place for your promo materials will be reserved for you if you just announce your arrival.

Unannounced flyers and banners will be removed and you can get them back at the festival office but you will not be permitted to promote at SBSF.