Funny Crotian phrases


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Literal translation: I will beat you like an ox in a cabbage field.

Meaning: This one is not used to express a sincere intention to physically harm someone, but rather as an expression of anger and frustration. There is no reason for an ox to be in a cabbage field and that he should subsequently be punished. Someone has done something stupid, careless or explicitly forbidden, but not really that important. The punishment is in the phrase itself. The person at fault is compared to an ox, caught red handed, surrounded with cabbage (presumably the most random vegetable ever) with a dumb look on its face. No-one will seriously get their ass kicked after they’ve been painted this picture. But they may feel like an ox.

Use: A mother to a teenage son: “I told you not to eat cookies before dinner, I will beat you like an ox in a cabbage field.”