Mind the DJs!

If you are not doing it so far, please start now: When you hear a good song that makes you run to the dance floor so you don’t lose a single beat – take a look at who is playing. We need this feedback and lots of people don’t notice DJs so they can’t give us this feedback when we ask. =( So please be proactive and get to know DJs, their music and style. This will help us bring the best DJs in the future and at the same time you will know what to expect when you see a DJ on a lineup – so everybody wins =)

DJ Ser-j


His passion for music has always been a no-brainer, but it is with the salsa that she became ubiquitous. His collection grew quickly from CDs to vinyl. “A new way to listen to, greater harmonic richness, but especially the opportunity to get my hand on yet never digitized albums and therefore very little known.”
Ser-j is the dj and the organizer of the famous party LeSalsa’Club, which takes place once a month in Paris.

DJ Loïc


DJ Loïc discovered Salsa ten years ago – first the dance then the music. For many years, he listened to all different types of Latin music played on the Parisian dance floors. His passion for Salsa music made him began a record collection – that is still growing today. In 2010 he was spotted by Phil & Madj, two well-known DJs from the Parisian Mambo dancer community, who gave him many opportunities to play on the decks and share his music with the dancers.

DJ El Classico


DJ Patrick El Clasico is from Geneva Switzerland. He discovers salsa in 1998 in a concert. He first started to dance and soon got interested in salsa music. His passion for salsa leads him to collect vinyl records to access music that is not available on CDs. This collection has become a new passion added to the one of salsa dancing.
He chose his dj name in honour of old school salsa. His playlists are thus mainly composed, Guaguanco, Mambo, Latin Jazz, Pachanga, Cha cha cha, Guajira and Boogaloo. He also likes to play some recent salsa songs to create a well balanced and enjoyable atmosphere. He is the organizer of Mambo Fever, an old school salsa party taking place in Geneva.

DJ Vincent


Vincent discovered salsa in 2003. During the past years he enjoyed dancing in the regular parties in Paris an in lot of congresses all over the world. These trips and his passion for music gave him the oportunity to discover differents types of songs and sonority. He began naturally to search and collect every kind of latin music on which he would like to dance. Pushed by his friends, he began to spin in 2015 with one goal: share with other dancers songs he likes and keep them on the dance floor. Resident DJ for the sunday afternoon social party at former “Barrio latino” in Paris (and relocated since), he has also the chance to play in other parties in Paris, in Europe or even in Japan or South Korea.

DJ Valery


Dj valery from Martinique island 🌴
“I share the emotion of music for 20 years, I collect Latin music to transmit a style of music very sought after… I living to Paris, I’m already at Sullivan club salsa every Sunday night.. it is very important for me to listen to the music every day, to feel the emotion of the musicians, and to give my feelings to others”.

DJ Virgin


DJ Virgin has been in this business for 25 years as a DJ.  He started started with the classic old school vinyl. He worked in the House music environment for 20 years and started in the 1997 with latin music. He opened concerts of MercadoNegro, Fito Gress… For last 5 years he has been Kizomba DJ and has already worked with many international Kizomba artists and dancers.