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Mediterranean food

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Mediterranean cuisine signifies a special culture of preparation and the enjoyment of food, which developed and established itself near the shore of the Mediterranean. It is distinguished by intense aromas and large diversity, as well as a richness of colour. It’s one of the healthiest cuisines in the world and many diets are based expressly on Mediterranean dishes. And so that we translate words into dishes, here you’ll be eating: fish, oysters, crabs and other fruits of the sea, stews and we mustn’t forget the very best – Dalmatian prosciutto, cheese and olive. If you think ham and prosciutto are the same thing, we’ll use this  opportunity to dissuade you. The word ham is used only for lack of a better translation for prosciutto. Prosciutto is something everyone should try and enjoy. Supplement it with a bottle of quality wine, good cheese and a few olives and the experience will be unforgettable. And for all fish lover and those who don’t eat meat we recommend that you savour the tastes of fresh, juicy fish served with plenty of healthy and tasty olive oil. Simply put – a culinary paradise!

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