Lady Styling Seminar

Part of the “Quality of Movement” SBSF Academy

Quality of Movement Lady Styling Seminar

Marie Cazorla is famous for her flawless style and ability to look extremely powerful but at the same time keep feminine elegance and style. Focus of the seminar is 6 powerful lady styling sequences that will empower ladies to shine when the song calls for the solo sequence. Marie will also incorporate some expressive afro moves executed in a sensual way as they can elevate your styling to the next level.

Lady Styling Seminar schedule: Wednesday, 3th

Check the brochure for the details and ask if in doubt

Posture, intentional movement basics & arms technique 1

17:30 – 18:30

Posture, intentional movement basics & arms technique 2

18:35 – 19:35

Fusion by Maire Cazorla

19:40 – 20:40

Lady Styling Seminar schedule: Thursday, 4th

Check the brochure for the details and ask if in doubt

“Let’s practice with the choreo pt1”

10:40 – 11:40

“Let’s practice with the choreo pt2”

11:50 – 12:50

“Let’s practice with the choreo pt3”

13:00 – 14:00

What can you expect from the seminar

Marie will give their best effort to convey her flavor and technique to you so you should expect approach that is little more intensive then on regular workshops. She will breakdown all the moves and pay extra attention to the quality of the execution. Seminar is for the ladies, but boys and girls are equally invited to participate in any seminar workshop.

Girl power!

You get super-cool Certificate!

Upon completing all seminar workshops you will receive SBSF Certicicate of Attendance. This certificate is a document that confirms that you completed the SBSF Academy Seminar. You can frame it and hang it on the wall as a reminder of a sunny summer and a great time you had on SBSF. =)

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