Irè Oyàlè Sextet


Ire Oyale Sextet born in 2013 from an idea of Samoel Scotton, director and conger od the orchestra. The purpose was to revive and bring back the Salsa music’s style of the golden years, nowadays so sought by many music lovers, dancers and Djs.

The orchestra consists of eight elements: piano, bass, vibes, congas, timbales, bongos and two voices, this is the optimal formation for representing, also in modern key, the sound of that epic.
Samoel Scotton (Congas), Yoniel Diaz (Timbales), Edwin Della Torre (Bongos), Lodovico Berto (Vibrafono), Gionata Asta (Piano), Andrea Stucchi (Contrabbasso), Berni Nash (Voce), Chiara Leone (Coro)