We hope you’ll find answers to some of your problems here

General Questions

Where is the festival happening?

Festival is taking part in Solaris Beach Resort, Šibenik, Croatia. To be more exact most of the workshops and parties will be held in hotel Ivan.

Do I have to keep my wristband all the time?

Yes! Your wristband is your ticket to a festival. You have to take care of it because if you lose or break it you will have to buy another one. You have to wear it on your hand and show it to festival staff on request. The wristband is waterproof and durable so once you have put it you can forget about it and enjoy your stay.

Do I need a partner to attend a Festival?

Of course not! Come as you are! Salsa festival is not only a place of dancing but a place of meeting new people and socializing! You will switch partners on the workshops so everyone gets a chance to dance, and you better dance with as much as different amazing dancers as you can at the parties! =)

Is there an age limit to attend Festival?

Yes. The age limit for participation is 158 years of age. =) Joke aside. Dance knows no age.

Registrations & Passes

Can I buy tickets and passes at the door?

Yes. You can buy your tickets and passes at the door. However, please note that the door prices for passes are more expensive. You will get them much cheaper by buying them as early as possible. This way you will also avoid the possible queue on the entrance.


Am I able to buy individual workshops?

Unfortunately No. The smallest pass you can buy is 1-Day Pass which includes all workshops and parties on that day. Then, you can choose workshops you prefer.

Do I have to decide in advance which level I want to take?

No you don’t. Sometimes dancers prefer to follow the specific artist and not the specific level. You can go whichever workshop you want to go, but please keep in mind that you could be bored on some lower levels or frustrated with inability to follow some advanced classes.

However, there is one exception: if you buy Beginner Pass you can attend only beginner workshops, but don’t worry, there are plenty of those to fill your whole day.

Do I need to stay for the entire workshop once it is in progress?

If, from some reason, you want to walk out of some workshop in progress, feel free to do so, but please do it in a way that does not disturb other attendees – clam and quietly.

Is photographing and videotaping during the workshops allowed?

Absolutely not. Videotaping or photographing during the class is considered rude and is disrespectful to Artists and their work.

You will be able to tape workshop recap at the end of every class if the Artist invites you to do so. You can also photograph them or take pictures with them at the end of class, of course with their permission.

Do I need a partner to attend workshops?

No you don’t need a partner. You can partner up spontaneously at the festival! And if you don’t, you still don’t have to worry – teachers usually rotate dancers in workshops which means, you’ll get a plenty of partners, not just one! If you do have a partner we still recommend swinging (dance swinging of course) with the other couples, because experiencing other leaders or followers makes you learn much, much more, not to talk about new friendships and maybe something more? =)

What do I wear to workshops?

Dress comfortably for the workshops. Wear whatever keeps you moving freely. Bikinis are welcome too! As for the shoes – avoid the shoes with rubber or sticky soles as they will prevent you from spinning. It is cool to have a towel and a bottle of water.

Ladies – we suggest you NOT to dance in the high heels on the workshops, at least not the whole time. There will be a lots of crazy salsa parties – you don’t want to tire your feet on the first day and spent the rest o the weekend watching other people dancing! Be smart and pace yourself in order to endure this big dance marathon!

Are there workshops for beginners?

Yes, there will be workshops for beginners. However, it would be desirable if you have at least basic salsa knowledge to be be able to easily follow. For your convenience we prepared Weekend Beginner Pass.


Can I videotape the performances?

Videotaping of performances is allowed. However, every performance taped is one great experience lost! This is your chance to see and feel them live so we suggest you don’t do it through your cameras.

Will instructors and performers dance with me?

As long as you ask them to dance, yes. 🙂 We will remind our Instructors and performers about the importance of socializing. Artists will not disappear during parties and they will do their best to dance with everybody. But please understand that there are a lot of people that want to dance with them so they might get tired and need to get a break. Please empathize and let them breath from time to time.

Will all of the confirmed Artists be present at the event?

If the Artist is confirmed it means Artist will be present at the festival, except only and only if he/she is prevented by unavoidable sercomstances. This being said, please rest assured that you will experience our event “as advertised”.


Do I have to stay in Solaris Beach Resort?

Of course not! You can stay wherever you want but staying in Solaris Beach Resort will greatly improve your festival experience. Workshops, parties, hot spot, everything at your fingertips, not to mention the greatest beach in the area!

Which hotel do you recommend staying at?

We recommend staying in hotel Jure. This hotel is located right next to hotel Ivan, just above the pool party location, and all the artists will be there as well. Workshops will remain in hotel Ivan because it has the biggest capacity for the workshop halls, but the idea is to make Hotel Jure a Salsero hotel for a week – all together as big, happy family. Basically, it will be a hotel full of salseros, so it should be really fun experience, not to mention it will also give other guests a piece of mind from all those party souls out there…


Which airport is closest to the festival?

Split and Zadar airport are almost the same distance from the festival venue. Most dancers however land in Split because  it is bigger and better connected with other European cities. As for the budget airlines – Easy Jet offers great deal of affordable flights to Split and Ryan Air to Zadar.

How do I get from airport to festival venue?

Easiest way is to book transportation with our partner agency Connecto Transfers. You can also use our bulletin board to connect with dancers landing same time as you. For more info please visit our Travelmates page.

If you have a question – feel free to ask using the form on the contact page