Dos and Don’ts

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DON’T put yourself in a class which is too difficult for you – it will only make you frustrated that you are not able to master the moves, and will ultimately spoil your enjoyment (and also that of others) of the class.

DON’T walk across the middle of one class to get to another… please walk round: it only takes a few seconds longer, honest!

DO try and match your dancing to the available space around you, especially on a crowded floor.

DO watch the dancers already on the floor as you walk on to the floor to dance: remember, they are concentrating on other dancers on the floor, and may not have seen you approaching.

DO make sure there is space around you before leading your partner into a particularly floor-hungry maneuver! Remember guys you’re the ones doing the steering!

DON’T expect other Salseros to move out of your way just because you want to take big steps and do expansive dips and drops.

DON’T forget to say sorry when you bump into another couple, even if you think it wasn’t your “fault”.

DON’T assume that just because you are dancing on an area of the floor its “yours”! Please try and make way for other dancers as the floor fills up.

DO try and say “Yes” when asked to dance, especially if you are an experienced salsero being asked to dance by a less experienced dancer. Remember that you were once a beginner… and remember the courage it took to ask someone to dance?!

DO remember to politely explain you need a breather rather than just saying “No” if you’ve just worked your tail off for six dances, are dripping with sweat, and need a break!

DON’T be afraid to ask anyone to dance, especially if you are a beginner. Dancing with someone who is more experienced than you are is the best way to learn, for both salseras and salseros.

DON’T turn down one dancer and then in the same song, say “Yes” to another. This can have a very damaging effect on the morale of the first dancer, especially if they are a beginner! Instead, explain to the second dancer that you’ve just said “No” to someone, and could you maybe have the next dance?

DON’T only dance with salseros whom you consider to be “as good as you”. This will turn you into a very narrowly focused dancer, and ultimately dilute your capabilities.

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