Funny Crotian phrases


By January 6, 2017 No Comments

Literal Translation: Staring like a calf at a painted door.

Meaning: Another cattle-related phrase is here to poke fun at someone’s state of confusion and indecisiveness. It’s widely presumed in Croatia that, for whatever reason, a calf would be extremely confused and distraught with the sight of a painted door. The origin of this belief is unknown, especially since all cattle is colorblind and wouldn’t know the difference, but at least we’re not waving a red cape in front of its face thinking it will make it angry. If someone is starring at something like a calf at a painted door, they are confused and/or having a ‘’brain cramp’’ in a situation that shouldn’t be that difficult.

Use: When someone is completely distraught with the space technology of a self-service register in the supermarket.