Griselle Ponce

Griselle Ponce, an award winning Instructor, and A role model to the Latin Community, is one of the top New York/New Jersey area dancers and choreographers. Born July 7th , 1979 and raised absorbing the sounds that emanated in and around the Beautiful Island of Puerto Rico. From an early age Griselle started conquering many talent shows and beauty pageants; needless to say Mrs. Ponce was born for the stage.

Today at the age of 28, Griselle has traveled extensively around the world, from National to International tours. Performing and teaching Salsa in cities and countries such as Italy, Germany, Korea, Israel, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Mexico just to name a few.


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Magna Gopal

Magna Gopal is one of the leading instructors and performers in the global salsa industry with over 15,000 followers across her social networks. She is world renowned for her teaching methods, her creative musicality and her ability to effortlessly connect, relate and transfer knowledge to almost any demographic. A leading role model for dancers and women in general, she started with zero background in dance and has built her brand to become one of the top solo female artists and instructors in what is predominantly a male-dominated industry.


Magna is by many opinions the best teacher in the salsa world.

Franklin Diaz

Born in the Dominican Republic, Franklin Diaz’s future was decided from the early age of four. Falling in love with movement and sound, he taught himself to dance. He is the product of a musical family composed of instrumentalists and vocalists, nurtured by music of his culture. His passion for dance and complex musical structures was further broadened and challenged with his exposure to Flamenco, an art form of Southern Spain associated with the Spanish Gypsies.

Diaz is well versed in various dance forms including Salsa, Afrocuban, Ballet, Modern and Flamenco. He creates a pelau, una ensalada, a salsa of unique flavors. He moves to music, transforming his body into an extraordinary instrument. Diaz has been defined as a force of nature, “un mito.”

Leon Rose

“I’m in another world when I’m creating and each time I dance, whether it’s on the dancefloor, in the rehearsal studio or even on stage, I’m creating…Within salsa there is not much I won’t do…As long as I’m being true to the art and myself.”

Leon Rose is an innovator. Embracing the sensual art of salsa, Leon has been at the vanguard of the British salsa movement, since 1997. He was first introduced to salsa by his mother, an avid fan of the style, which has its roots in African, Caribbean culture, particularly Puerto Rico and Cuba. “Mum took me to my first salsa class one Sunday at a club called Villa Stefano’s in London.” Says London-born dancer and choreographer. “A girl asked me to dance and that was all I needed. The following week I started classes.” Soon Leon submerged himself in the genre and was eagerly seeking out the innovators. Rose embraced salsa and delved deep into its roots. He sought out the most influential teachers in the British scene. At the time, though salsa had a loyal following, it hadn’t yet burst onto the mainstream, but thanks to the innovators who inspired Leon, salsa’s mainstream acceptance was at hand.

Rodrigo Cortazar

Originally from Veracruz and Guadalajara, Mexico, Rodrigo Cortazar has become one of the most sought after Salsa artists that quickly gained popularity in all the Salsa Festivals they performed and taught in the last years. Rodrigo has developed a unique style which combines elegance, sensuality and precision with amazing musicality. He also has natural charisma which makes his dance even more fascinating. Rodrigo is a specialist in NY Salsa, Cha Cha, Pachanga, Boogalo, Bomba, Plena, Rumba, Mambo and Son Montuno. Rodrigo has been featured in many prestigious events and venues around the world including Japan, Canada, Turkey, Venezuela, Curacao, Istanbul, as well as in Thailand and South East Asia.

Alegria Dance Company

 Having spent a year learning from the Yamulee DC as well as performing with the Bajari de Yamulee in New York, Marie and Damien founded the Alegria DC upon their return to France. Together with Mari and Andrew, today they teach and perform both in France and internationally. They are passionate NY style on2 ambassadors who are recognized as fast, precise and with distinguished musicality.

Selin Obekci

Began her dancing career in 2002 as a Turkish folk dancer. She traveled around Turkey performing with her group until she met salsa in 2007. Given her passion to dance, she improved quickly. Selin’ s salsa background also includes ballet, jazz and ballroom besides folk dances.

Moun and Marta

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Carlo & Anja

Carlo and Anja are dancing together since 2011. Carlone was born in Italy, he represent the chief of KIZOMBA ITALIA® and he is master for the Italian dancing federation, students of mestre Petchu and Afrolatin connection, organizer of the biggest Italian kizomba festival KIFE, have been in several congresses all over Europe, tough in Milano world salsa congress, New Jersey Kizomba Congress, Paris, Warsaw, Roma. He is the first Italian Master of teachers, written the book “ Kizomba & Semba“ for the Italian dance federation .

Hrvoje & Tea

Hard core salseros to the bone, Hrvoje & Tea are genuine, passionate and honest dancers with contagious energy that no one can resist. Full of musicality, interpretations and sensuality they developed their own style full of flavor, personality and vigor.

Hrvoje and Tea`s dance story began 10 years ago when they started a small dance revolution as founders of the first dance school in Croatia and brought latin rhythms to a wider audience.

Ricky & Tajana

Ricky and Tajana are instructors and artistic leaders of the dance school ‘Salsoteca’ in Zagreb, Croatia and organizers of Valentine’s Zagreb Salsa Festival. They have been dancing together for 9 years, at first being just dancing partners, but the passion for salsa brought them together as a couple. Ricky and Tajana are passionate dancers and instructors of NY Salsa Style On2, spicing up their dancing style with elements of jazz dance, paying a lot of attention to musicality and improvising to music. Their teaching motto is: “dancing the is interpretation of music”!

Natasha Pavicevic

Natasha started dancing jazz dance at the age of 12 and has been training many different dance styles since – salsa, latin jazz, street jazz, hip-hop, house, dancehall…
As a member of a ladies salsa dance team Las Caras Lindas she had the chance to perform and teach with the group at salsa festivals in Croatia, Romania, Denmark, Austria and UK. Natasha also performed with the world-renowned Masacote Dance Company at the first Istanbul International Dance Festival in 2011.
Her training and performance experience in different dance styles has made Natasha a versatile dancer with a distinctive and artistic style in salsa.

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