SBSF Artists 2018

Artists are our inspiration and our mentors. SBSF linep is inspired by artists that stand out from the crowd with respect to skill, knowledge, ability to teach, personality and impact they create on the salsa scene. We believe 2018 lineup will satisfy even the most demanding students and knowledge seekers among you. If it does – let us know. If it doesn’t – let us know even more.

Rodrigo Cortazar


Rodrigo’s larger than life musicality and inhumane artistry make him one of the few salsa artists in the world that just have it all. Also, his natural charisma is just contagious, impossible to resist and makes his dance even more fascinating on top of the spectacular artist he already is. Rodrigo is a specialist in NY Salsa, Cha Cha, Pachanga, Boogaloo, Bomba, Plena, Rumba, Mambo and Son Montuno. Don’t miss his workshops for a world. And don’t miss his performance for the world. And don’t miss… You got it.

Rodrigo & Bersy

Grupo Alafia


Grupo Alafia are a charismatic Italian male team, directed & choreographed by Francesco Scalvenzi. The team have now achieved extraordinary success as one of the most highly sought after performance groups. They have been invited to & attended the most renowned dance congresses in Europe & around the World. Grupo Alafia have built on their international success trough their effective teaching style, with great technique a good sense of humour, & an inexhaustible ‘passion for social dancing’!


Juan Matos & Fabiana Leone


Growing up as a young boy in Santa Domingo, Juan Matos or better known as Juan “Pachanga” Matos had dreams of becoming a famous dancer. Although not yet of legal age, he was known to sneak into the Dominican nightclubs of his homeland to watch his parents—the leading Hustle dancers of the time—dance the night away on the steamy dance floor to some of the more popular music of the era. Leaning on the support and inspiration of his parents, Juan decided, in 1996, to set out on his own, landing on the tough streets of New York. He would work by day and dance by night, and although even at this time his dancing skills were quite impressive, it would be in 1997, when he was first introduced to the Mambo, that his dreams of dancing professionally began to become a reality. Today he is one of the biggest names in salsa.

Juan Matos & Fogarte

Leon Rose


Leon Rose is an innovator. Embracing the sensual art of salsa, Leon has been at the vanguard of the British salsa movement, since 1997. He was first introduced to salsa by his mother, an avid fan of the style, which has its roots in African, Caribbean culture, particularly Puerto Rico and Cuba. Soon Leon submerged himself in the genre and was eagerly seeking out the innovators. Leon embraced salsa and delved deep into its roots.

Crazy social

Bersy Cortez


At the age of 14 years old, she started being a teacher and choreographer in a dance company, and when she was 16 years old, she was already a dancer in the most important salsa company in Venezuela called “Imagen Latina”, the one that made her travel around the world. Bersy is extremely strong in afro cuban body movement and owns the stage from the moment she sets her foot on it. Her powerful performances leave even the strongest critics breathless.

Rodrigo & Bersy

Leon Rose Project


Under Leon’s creative leadership, this group is always a pleasure to watch. Always bringing something fresh and spectacular, Leon Rose Project is not to be missed as they bring salsa-contemporary-jazz fusion to the stage.

Leon Rose Project



One foot in Cuban style, the other in the New York style, Tamba is an exciting Salsa dancer, teacher and performer who is known for his versatility, musicality, energy and his great social dancing skills! With more than 10 years experience, Tamba (from Paris/France) has always been passionate about dance and especially Salsa. A passion which pushed him to travel and learn from the best and be confident in many dances: Casino, Rueda, Afro-Cuban, Rumba, Pachanga, Mambo on2 and Chachacha.


Jonatha Casarin


Jonatha is a spectacular dancer from Italy that we have a pleasure to feature this year! Guys, we are sure you will find him inspirational and awesome to watch.

Awesome social with Busra

Carla Voconi


Carla Voconi was born in Terramo, Italy. Her dance career started at a very young age with a background in artistic gymnastics and contemporary dance. She started dancing with Marco Ferrigno, one of the latest up and coming stars in the salsa world. In 2006, Carla moved to Milan to be part of Juan Matos “Fogarate Dance Project” for a couple of years. By the end of 2007, she started working for “Tropical Gem” being part of the first “Fantasia Musical”. Carla has performed in the top European congresses.

Carla performance

Victor & Laura


Victor is a Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer with 20 years of experience. He is born in Costa Rica and living in Switzerland since 2002 where he owns the Salsa Dance School BailaRico in Zurich. Laura Schaetti is one of Victor’s best, most passioned and most talented students, dancing as his partner for 6 months.

Hrvoje & Tea


Hard core salseros to the bone, Hrvoje & Tea are genuine, passionate and honest dancers with contagious energy that no one can resist. Full of musicality, interpretations and sensuality they developed their own style full of flavor, personality and vigor. Hrvoje and Tea`s dance story began 10 years ago when they started a small dance revolution as founders of the first dance school in Croatia and brought latin rhythms to a wider audience.

Jerko & Maja


Jerko & Maja began their dancing career in bachata in 2012. when they opened 1st Dalmatia Summer Festival with Bachata show and since then they have been sharing their knowledge and passion for dance. In 2016. they opened their Dance studio – Baila Conmigo and also started Random Roots project with Korke and Judith as Team Split. Their love for dance, but also professional approach in work resulted in an expansion of bachata sensual and creation of many passionate bachata dancers in this area. During this short period of time, Jerko and Maja with their sensual style become icons of bachata sensual in Croaatia.

Jerko & Maja

Tajana /Suavecita


Tajana Varunek has been one of the leaders and ambassadors of the Croatian salsa scene since 2004, teaching many generations of salsa dancers, organizing weekly salsa parties and numerous workshops with world-famous salsa instructors. She has been dancing since she was a little girl – her rich background in jazz & show dance technique and performance comes together to form a passionate dance style. On the dance floor, she will enchant you with wide smile, sensual movements, high heels and boundless energy. She lives every single dance moment and her love for dance, music and movement is contagious.


Carlo & Anja


Carlo and Anja are dancing together since 2011. Carlone was born in Italy, he is the chief of KIZOMBA ITALIA® and he is master for the Italian dancing federation, students of mestre Petchu and Afrolatin connection, organizer of the biggest Italian kizomba festival KIFE, have been in several congresses all over Europe, tough in Milano world salsa congress, New Jersey Kizomba Congress, Paris, Warsaw, Roma. He is the first Italian Master of teachers, written the book “Kizomba & Semba“ for the Italian dance federation.

Your favorite Artist is not on the list?

If you favorite, most amazing and inspiring Artist is not on the list please let us know! We would really like to know!