SBSF Artists 2017

Artists are our inspiration and our mentors. SBSF linep is inspired by artists that stand out from the crowd with respect to skill, knowledge, ability to teach, personality and impact they create on the salsa scene. We believe 2017 lineup will satisfy even the most demanding students and knowledge seekers among you. If it does – let us know. If it doesn’t – let us know even more.

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Franklin Diaz (USA)


Franklin is known to induce a happy-confused feeling in his students, as he manages to make his classes both very conceptual (aka super-advanced) and painfully fundamental (basic) at the same time… but this is also why his classes are mind blowing and challenging at any level. So don’t be discouraged by that feeling as many treasures await for you on the other side.  Attend his workshops if you are man, a woman, or out of this world.

And yes... it's a dare.

Amazing Mambo


October 24, 2016

Pure awesomeness

December 8, 2016

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Terry & Cecile (France)


Terry and Cecile live in Paris, France, but they are native of the Antille Islands (Terry from Guadeloupe, and Cécile from Martinique). As a result of their experiences within large Paris dance troops, they decided, in August 2007, to start their own school and company in which they could show that salsa does not limit itself to a style, but it is a mixture. Afterwards, they decided that every show will completely differ from the preceding one. Casino, mambo on1, on2, chachacha, bachata, merengue, or zouk... we never know beforehand which will be the style of their next choreography.

800.000 views - check why

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Rodrigo Cortzar (Mexico)


Rodrigo's larger than life musicality and inhumane artistry make him one of the few salsa artists in the world that just have it all. Also, his natural charisma is just contagious, impossible to resist and makes his dance even more fascinating on top of the spectacular artist he already is. Rodrigo is a specialist in NY Salsa, Cha Cha, Pachanga, Boogaloo, Bomba, Plena, Rumba, Mambo and Son Montuno. Don’t miss his workshops for a world. And don’t miss his performance for the world. And don’t miss his Aqua-galoo class… You got it.


Energy overdose

October 13, 2016

New York meets Cuba

December 9, 2016

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Amneris & Julio (Spain)


Amneris Martínez and Julio Napoles are a new innovative dance couple representing Cuba and Puerto Rico, focused on mixing styles from New York, Puerto Rico, and Cuban salsa. That said, they will teach a new style that is very rich in movement since it contains different styles of salsa that also bring together elements of Afro-Cuban dance like Rumba and Afro as well as folkloric dances from Puerto Rico such as Bomba and Plena.

Amneris lady styling

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Leon Rose (France)


Leon Rose is an innovator. Embracing the sensual art of salsa, Leon has been at the vanguard of the British salsa movement, since 1997. He was first introduced to salsa by his mother, an avid fan of the style, which has its roots in African, Caribbean culture, particularly Puerto Rico and Cuba. Soon Leon submerged himself in the genre and was eagerly seeking out the innovators. Leon embraced salsa and delved deep into its roots.

Crazy social   Leon Rose Project

Keep calm

September 13, 2016

Ultimate Groovemasters

October 13, 2016

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Grupo Alafia (Italy)


Grupo Alafia are a charismatic Italian male team, directed & choreographed by Francesco Scalvenzi. The team have now achieved extraordinary success as one of the most highly sought after performance groups. They have been invited to & attended the most renowned dance congresses in Europe & around the World. Grupo Alafia have built on their international success trough their effective teaching style, with great technique a good sense of humour, & an inexhaustible ‘passion for social dancing’!

Sppetacolo    Sex Machine

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Magna Gopal (USA)

Magna Gopal is one of the leading instructors and performers in the global salsa industry with over 15,000 followers across her social networks. She is world renowned for her teaching methods, her creative musicality and her ability to effortlessly connect, relate and transfer knowledge to almost any demographic. A leading role model for dancers and women in general, she started with zero background in dance and has built her brand to become one of the top solo female artists and instructors in what is predominantly a male-dominated industry. Magna is by many opinions the best teacher in the salsa world.

Social with Terry    Social with Reda

High on life

September 13, 2016

Tamba Hissirou

January 4, 2017

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Tamba (France)

One foot in Cuban style, the other in the New York style, Tamba is an exciting Salsa dancer, teacher and performer who is known for his versatility, musicality, energy and his great social dancing skills! With more than 10 years experience, Tamba (from Paris/France) has always been passionate about dance and especially Salsa. A passion which pushed him to travel and learn from the best and be confident in many dances: Casino, Rueda, Afro-Cuban, Rumba, Pachanga, Mambo on2 and Chachacha.

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Marcin & Ewa (Poland)

Ewa and Marcin Tokarczyk, fanatic Mambo dancers from Cracow. Furious as performers on stage but stylish and elegant in social dancing. Known well for their love to detailed and technical teaching as salsa instructors. Their classes are always full of a natural dancing energy where they combine the deep knowledge with a lot of craziness and passion in a very natural way.

Marcin & Ewa

January 9, 2017

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Donald Wilson (Germany)

Donald started dancing for the group Afro Latin Sensation, where he learned the teaching techniques from Johnny Flor, and went on to attend different masterclasses by renowned teachers to polish his skills even further. Donald also participated in Africa Dancar and is a two time winner (2014 and 2015) representing Germany at the World Final of Africa Dancar. Now he created a dance group (Afro Swagg Crew) and is giving classes in different festivals which have contribute to give him proper experience in transmitting his passion.

Kizomba guru

December 29, 2016

Carlo & Anja

January 4, 2017

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Carlo & Anja (Italy)

Carlo and Anja are dancing together since 2011. Carlone was born in Italy, he is the chief of KIZOMBA ITALIA® and he is master for the Italian dancing federation, students of mestre Petchu and Afrolatin connection, organizer of the biggest Italian kizomba festival KIFE, have been in several congresses all over Europe, tough in Milano world salsa congress, New Jersey Kizomba Congress, Paris, Warsaw, Roma. He is the first Italian Master of teachers, written the book “Kizomba & Semba“ for the Italian dance federation.

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Leon Rose Project (France)

The Leon Rose Project

January 4, 2017

French style

December 29, 2016

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C'style Connexion

Meet Cecile's lady group that will perform on SBSF.

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Hrvoje & Tea (Croatia)

Hard core salseros to the bone, Hrvoje & Tea are genuine, passionate and honest dancers with contagious energy that no one can resist. Full of musicality, interpretations and sensuality they developed their own style full of flavor, personality and vigor. Hrvoje and Tea`s dance story began 10 years ago when they started a small dance revolution as founders of the first dance school in Croatia and brought latin rhythms to a wider audience.

Passionate & full of flavor

December 9, 2016


December 28, 2016

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Ricky (Croatia)

Ricky is owner and instructor of the dance school ‘Salsoteca’ in Zagreb, Croatia and organizer of Valentine's Zagreb Salsa Festival. He has been dancing for more than 10 years and also was the one to introduce On2 style to Croatian crowd. Ricky is a passionate dancer and instructor of NY Salsa Style On2, spicing up his dancing style with elements of jazz dance, paying a lot of attention to musicality and improvising to music. His teaching motto is: “dancing is the interpretation of music”!

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Jerko & Maja (Croatia)

Jerko & Maja began their dancing career in bachata in 2012. when they opened 1st Dalmatia Summer Festival with Bachata show and since then they have been sharing their knowledge and passion for dance. In 2016. they opened their Dance studio - Baila Conmigo and also started Random Roots project with Korke and Judith as Team Split. Their love for dance, but also professional approach in work resulted in an expansion of bachata sensual and creation of many passionate bachata dancers in this area. During this short period of time, Jerko and Maja with their sensual style become icons of bachata sensual in Croaatia.

Jerko & Maja

December 2, 2016

Your favorite Artist is not on the list?

If you favorite, most amazing and inspiring Artist is not on the list please let us know! We would really like to know!