Looks good from above

Doesn't it?


Hotel Jure

The place to stay


En Vogue Beach Club

Pool Party place


Legend Beach Bar

Hot Spot place


The Aquapark

To make your inner child happy


Crystal clear blue sea

Yes... this is a real view from Solaris beach


Salsa baby on board?

Hotel Andrija should do the trick


If tents turn you on

There's a Solaris Camping Resort for ya


En Vogue Beach Club

Also known as a Pool Party place

FYI: Few months ago, Solaris Beach Resort changed its name into “Amadria Park Šibenik” so rest assured, we didn’t changed festival location, its just a harmless name change.

Amadria Park

(ex Solaris Beach Resort)

When we were searching for the festival location we did not have Šibenik in mind (don’t know why, it somehow slipped under our radar) – and then someone said “let’s do it in Solaris” – we went there and fell in love at the first glance. As we browsed around the Solaris Beach Resort the love grew… And grew… And grew. And it still grows today.

Amadria Park is drop-dead gorgeous! The beach is meticulously groomed; grass is carefully trimmed to the ideal 9.5cm, it is packed with restaurants, pools, bars, sun shades, and practically everything your summer heart can desire. Pictures just don’t it justice. Yeah, they are nice but when you are there it’s just completely different experience.

Heart of Dalmatia

Amadria Park is located in the heart of Dalmatia (that’s the name of the most beautiful part of Croatian coast that – conveniently – has a gorgeous climate) – (and yes, the Dalmatian dog is named by Dalmatia). Anyway, Croatia is beautiful, but the Mediterranean coast is by far the best part of it – and the most beautiful part of that coast is called Dalmatia – and in the center of that beauty – lies Solaris Beach Resort – so go figure.

Ideal Holiday Place

Resort is just 6km from the Šibenik city center, regular excursions are available to visit UNESCO world heritage sites all in 50-70km range. In close vicinity are three exceptional sites of natural beauty – national parks Kornati, Krka and Plitvice lakes. Settled in the magnificent lagoon just 6 km from the Šibenik, Solaris Beach Resort is an ideal place to spend your (salsa) holiday.


No better place…

If you look for a lazy vacation and just want a gorgeous beach than you are at the right place. If you feel like exploring and browsing best Croatian jewels – Amadria Park is close to the Kornati islands (80+ of them – yep, you heard it right), Krka (National park), Zadar (charming city with great night life), Split (a Roman emperor picked this one for his summer palace)… even the astonishing city of Dubrovnik is not far. So if you want some of that “I want to see/feel/taste Croatia – there’s no better place..

Little more about it…

They did not build Amadria Park just on some random beach. They found THE one. Beach is 4 km long, with all the amenities you can desire. Warm and crystal clear blue sea cuddles the beach shore so tenderly that it makes the palm trees jealous since the light summer breeze swaying their leaves doesn’t share the same gentleness.

That perfect landscape generously awards your every glance with the new picture perfect camera snapshot for your new summer album that you can authentically keep only in your heart. Everything around you is soft, tender and compliments your senses in a way that only perfect summer experience can. The feeling of that magical enchantment one feels while inhaling that sheer piece of paradise is surpassed only by the fact that salsa music and dancing will capture these shores in their most exhilarating form this summer.


Amadria Park