5 Things to Watch Out For on the Dance Floor

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Salsa dancing is fun, exciting and a great, but it can also be dangerous. Scratches, bumps and bruises are all par for the course, especially when you are just starting out and in the dreaded Salsa Hell.

Here are some salsa dancing injuries I’ve come to expect, because I have at one time or another inflicted these or had these inflicted upon me. Oh and this is not just a list to rip on the guys, you’re guilty too, ladies. Even though you are beautiful angels, its still possible for you to find a way to gash my ankles open with your 3 inch Burju heels.

Cat Woman

First off, long nails are fine in general. But there are times when long fingernails are less than ideal. For instance, when I give you a moving inside turn and you decide to style your left hand….into my forehead. While this usually happens with newbies more than advanced follows, everyone makes this mistake at one time or another. I recommend taking a lesson from Fight Club and trimming your nails before dancing. Not expecting to win this argument, but heck it’s worth a shot.

Throwin Bo’s

Both guys and girls are guilty of this one. I have yet to elbow a girl directly in the face, which is incredibly fortunate since I’m all about close proximity spins now after watching just about every Nery Garcia YouTube video I can find. I have seen some stuff though, and let me tell you that one of the scariest things a girl can see when dancing with a guy is an elbow flying at her face. This isn’t a Jean Claude Van Damme movie, so let’s keep the elbows low and friendly. By the way, why is Van Damme not in The Expendables with every other action star? But I digress.

Spin Spin Fall

It is always the job of the guy to make your girl look GREAT on the dance floor. Period. Your girl can look great by doing one or two spins. She doesn’t have to be a deride. What happens when you spin a girl more times than she can handle? She stumbles, then falls, then busts her knee, the music stops, everyone looks at you and then Chuck Norris appears to take her away from your evil grip.

My Arm Doesn’t Bend That Way

This one speaks for itself. Your lady is not a Stretch Armstrong, don’t treat her like one.

Ninja Feet

And my favorite, the ninja feet. What are ninja feet, you may be asking yourself? Feet that appear from nowhere, inflict massive pain on your ankle, and vanish without trace. We’ve all gotten flat-tired on the dance floor. It sucks. It’s Something you just have to deal with. I dream of a world where we all take small little steps on the dance floor, and I’m 6’2″…a short Italian guy can dream.

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