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2.-7. JULY 2019.

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Salsa Beach Splash Festival

SBSF is all about fun, little umbrellas, bikinis, flip-flops, mojitos, hangin’ loose and dancing till the morning sun. Created for relentless social dancers who want to dance day in, day out surrounded with likeminded easy going dancers from all over the world to celebrate summer and this glorious dance of ours.

If you are a passionate social dancer,
SBSF is the thing.

Drop dead gorgeous beach to throw yoursel into

Amadria Park has 4km long coastline with 5 gorgeous and well groomed beaches – palm equipped sun shade installed massage included Croatian wonder you’re going to love. You can go crazy or just lay beneath the shade, absorb the overall sweetness and enjoy the view at the pure turquoise sea and Šibenik archipelago.

Hot Spot. Every day - all day long. Just be there.

This is the heart of the SBSF. So do roam around, go to workshops, visit the city, throw yourself in the water and whatever… but come back to the Hot Spot. Hot Spot is about fun, mingling, relaxing, talking, gossipin’, dancing and fooling around. Hot Spot rules!

The infamous Crazy Hot Pool Party. Don't say we didn't warn you.

This is a dream party for all you party animals out there! Pool Party has it all: if you prefer chilling with your Mojito and soaking up the sun or diving in to the euphoric crowd – or anything in between – it is there. There’s also a bar in the pool so you don’t have to get out of the water to get your favorite drink.

Awesome workshops that will leave you breathless

However „summery“ summer salsa congress may be, don’t miss the workshops with some of the world’s best salsa artists. This year’s lineup will feature Boot camp, Salsa seminar and Kizomba seminar. You can also take advantage of Special Master level Workshops that are sold separately or just go for the regular classes.

Live concert under the starry sky

500 years of footsteps unintentionally polished the stone in front of the St. James Cathedral to create a perfect floor for your latest salsa steps… This authentic, 15th century stage and a live band concert provide the charm and atmosphere that will take you to the journey you will keep among your favorite salsa memories.

Parties that never end...

At Salsa Beach Splash Festival parties last till breakfast. It takes a serious salsa addict to endure 6 of them with all the beach fun, Hot Spot madness, workshops and splashy fun during the day. So please mind your feet, manage your sleep and stay hydrated. (Vodka, Tequila and Mojito don’t hydrate you) – just saying. And see you at breakfast!

Get your pass now and spend the difference on mojitos!

Get your pass now and spend the difference on mojitos

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