Don't let the nice picture distract you...

...from reading the smallprint :)

Terms and conditions

Yes, we know it’s a lot of boring gibberish to read, but give it a go and if you make it till the end of the page you’ll be sure there is no misunderstandings  and surprises. It is smart to know the rules of the game before the game starts. =)

Name Changes

Name change of pass holder can be done any time until 23rd June.

Additional payment from the new pass holder is required if the price of the pass has changed.

After the 23rd June there are no name changes.

Pass Cancellation Policy

All cancellations before to 4th June are subject to a 50% fee.

There are no refunds for cancellations after midnight 4th June.

Make sure you check our Pass Cancellation Insurance offer and get 90% of your money back in case of your cancellation.

Boat trip doesn’t apply for the cancellation policy.

Pass Cancellation Insurance

Purchasing Pass Cancellation Insurance will enable you to recover 90% of the amount you paid for your pass.

You can apply for the refund from the moment you bought your Pass Cancellation Insurance with the final deadline being 7 days after the festival ends. Application for the refund is done by sending an email to our official e-mail address.

The refund will be done in the period of max 30 days after you applied for the refund.

Pass Cancellation Insurance can be bought only at the same time as your pass.

In case of refund 90% of the amount paid for the pass is returned via bank transfer reduced by the possible bank transaction fees.

Pass Cancellation Insurance doesn’t cover:

1. Bank transaction fees you might have paid for your pass

2. Pass Cancellation Insurance cost

3. Any additional cost not related to festival program (such as travel and accommodation cost).

Pass Discounts

Promotional discount applies on all passes with the exception of Boat Trip Ticket and Pass Cancellation Insurance.

Registration Closing Time

Registrations closing time is 23rd June 2017 at midnight.

No changes of any kind will be possible after that date. No exceptions will be made.

After 23rd June 2017 only “at the door” prices apply, and passes and tickets are purchased directly at the festival desk.

Payment Deadline

Once you have registered, you get 10 days to make your payment. If we don’t receive your payment during that period your registration will be automatically deleted and you will have to register again with the terms valid at the moment you are making your new registration.

Final deadline for all payments is 27th June 2017. Final deadline overrules regular 10 days payment rule. Please take in consideration that bank transfer might last from 1, usually 3 and up to 5 days.

All unpaid registrations will be canceled and deleted after 27th June 2017.

Pass Upgrades

Upgrade of purchased pass is possible at any moment during the sales period (before 23rd June 2017). If you want to upgrade your pass please contact us and we will calculate the difference and make the necessary change.

Downgrade, however is not possible.

Free Passes

Free passes (passes won in an award games, given as a gift or exchanged) cannot be sold or transferred to another person or to another festival year.

No name changes are possible at any times for this kind of passes.

Picking the Pass at Festival Desk

All bought passes can be picked up at the festival desk by presenting a personal ID, driver’s license or an adequate document with a picture. Please have your document ready to facilitate and speed up the registration process and avoid cues.

Festival Wristbands

Festival passes will be in the form of wristbands. Festival staff will put the pass on your hand at the festival registration desk. You must wear it at all times during the festival and respect the entrance rules.

If you lose, damage or alter your wristband in any way, it will not be replaced and you will have to buy another one.

Wristband is considered valid only if worn closed, tight enough not to be able to slide it off from the participant’s hand, with no damages that might imply that it was taken off at any time during the festival.

If you are found at the festival grounds without a valid wristband – you will be escorted off the festival grounds immediately.

Festival staff holds the right to check every participant wristband validity at any time during the festival and to escort any participants that are found suspicious of misusing festival entrance rules from the festival grounds.

Photography and Video

During the Festival the organizer will film and take photos of all participants. Those pictures and videos will be used for promotion of the festival. Each participant agrees to the publication of his pictures and videos without any compensation. SBSF will not publish photos that are offensive.


All advertised artists have been confirmed prior to publishing all promotional material. Salsa Beach Splash Festival cannot be held responsible in the event of cancellation by any of the advertised artists.

We reserve the right to exchange and/or delete artists from our lineup. This doesn’t imply the customer’s right to cancel tickets.

Safety and Manners

All festival participants at the festival grounds are required to behave in a way that will not affect the health and safety of others and to adhere to the rules and safety regulations provided below.

Admission to the festival grounds will be refused to:

1. Any persons who acts in an abusive or aggressive manner, especially act of sexual abuse and sexual harassment, fail to produce proof of identity or refuse a security (person or belongings) search.

2. Any person listed in the “Blacklist of sexual offenders”. Read more about it here:

3. Anyone carrying prohibited items: alcohol, drugs, firearms, weapons, explosives, other dangerous objects and clothing or similar items.

SBSF will escort off the festival grounds any person who:

1. Is behaving in an abusive or aggressive manner, especially regarding sexual abuse and sexual harassment or is deemed to be acting in a way that might pose a risk or discomfort to others.

2. Is in possession of prohibited items.

3. Is behaving in any way that damages festival experience to other festival guests.

All incidents involving sexual harassment, physical violence, and strong verbal abuse against safety personnel or other participants will be reported to the police.


Each customer is responsible for his or his insurance issues.


The customer accepts the jurisdiction of Šibenik, Croatia.