SBSF Guide

Things you could find useful before diving in
to the hectic SBSF salsa madness

About the guide

Here we tried to collect useful tips and advices that we think might be useful for someone that is coming for a first time to SBSF and maybe to some SBSF veteran to fine tune his SBSF experience. Browse the advices and see if you find something cool. Also, if you can think of something we missed – let us know and we’ll include it here so the generations to come can benefit from it =)

First and foremost

Manage your energy

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SBSF is a 6 day long action packed madness. If you attempt to seize the most out of all festival activities, attend all parties from start to end and plan on making it on first workshop in the morning – you will fail miserably. It is humanly impossible to attend everything. Manage your energy, get enough sleep, eat well, stay hydrated, rest when you feel weak, Stay in the bed till afternoon if last night you made a “77-mojitos-in-an-hour” bet and generally – take it easy.

Ask for help

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The whole organizing team is here to make your SBSF experience spectacular so don’t hesitate to ask for any kind of help, advice or assistance. Some of the team members is always around and waiting to be helpful.


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Talk to us. We like to dream of a perfect Salsa Beach Splash festival but for that to happen we need your feedback. Let us know everything you think might be helpful. Find us on the festival grounds, send us an e-mail, tell to the festival staff or hire a pigeon to deliver the message. Just make sure we get you. So share your uncensored thoughts of improvements, flaws, disappointments and compliments. Don’t be shy and don’t hold back and don’t think “I will do it when I get home”. Do it immediately and we will be grateful.

Wear your pass at all times

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Please take this seriously. Wear adequate pass bracelet on your left hand all the time. (Not on the leg, in the bag, on your little finger or anything “creative”. We have zero tolerance on frauds. Only firmly locked and undamaged bracelet will be considered valid. Since now we have seen all the tricks in the book that people use to avoid paying for a pass, so please don’t test us. If you are found on the party/workshop/pool party grounds without a proper pass you will be escorted off the grounds immediately and charged on the spot.

Floor Manners

Don’t dance too close!

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Yes, “too close” can be hard to define – specially between two consenting adults, but we all know how much is socially acceptable – so don’t play stupid. Other people around you will be uncomfortable if you stretch that “thin line” so please be mindful of that. If you feel lucky, invite that special or un-special someone to your private party and go nuts. But on the social dance floor and among fellow salseros – hold your horses.


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Salsa is meant to be fun so show your partner that you’re enjoying yourself with the easiest method possible; smiling. So smile. Let your partner know you are enjoying the dance. It costs nothing and it makes you a nice person. Be a nice person.


Do not teach

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Under any circumstances DO NOT teach your partner on the dance floor, especially if you don’t know your partner very well.. This is extremely rude, degrading to some and just bad manners. If someone wants you to help him/her – find a suitable place and dispense your enormous knowledge if you must. Do it anytime and anywhere BUT on the dance floor during the party. If you come across a beginner ADJUST to his/her dancing level and make him/her enjoy the party. Period.

Be nice!

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Don’t clog up the dance floor. If the dance floor is crowded, find a space that can accommodate a couple or just wait for the another song! Be polite, ask for a dance politely, read the etiquette articles, be mindful of the other dancers and apologize if you bump to someone. Really apologize and see how much you hurt someone. (it’s a man’s fault so guys – watch out)

Dress to impress

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Whether we like it or not, the way we present ourselves on the dance floor is almost as important as our dancing skills. You can be great dancer but if your appearance is not matching your skills, the chances are you will not be noticed or worse – you will be avoided for bad personal hygiene. So prepare for the party and present the „best you“ possible. So first and most important – hygiene: shower, brush your teeth, use deodorant/perfume, etc… And second – presentation: wear nice and clean clothes that portrays your personal style.
Parties lasts for 7-8h , that’s a long time, so if you are a sweat-a-lot kind of person make sure to bring spare t-shirt or a towel. Other thank that – it’s always smart to have chewing gums, deodorant and other stuff that can come useful as s quick refreshment during the dance breaks.


Dance with people you DON’T dance on regular bases.

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Do not dance too much with people you dance on regular basis during the year. Coming to another country and paying lots of money to get what you get on your regular local party is really a waste. This is maybe most useful advice we can dispense. Our beautiful world of salsa is so awesome because through salsa festivals we can meet new, different and exciting people, make new salsa friends and broaden our experiences, horizons and perception. Dance with people you don’t see often and especially with people you never met! Make new experiences! This is the main point and most beautiful thing about festivals.

Rude individuals

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If someone is behaving unapropriately, rude, drunk or in some way disregarding others on the dance floor and making others uncomfortable – Let us know! Find organizers or anyone from the organization team and show them that rude individual. We believe that floor manners are vital for collective festival experience and we will do whatever we can to keep the floor pleasant for anyone.


Mind the DJ!

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If you are not doing it so far, please start now: When you hear a good song that makes you run to the dance floor so you don’t lose a single beat – take a look at who is playing. We need this feedback and lots of people don’t care for the DJs so they can’t give us this information when we ask =(
Be proactive and get to know DJs, their music and style. This will help us to bring best DJs in the future and at the same time you will know what to expect when you see a DJ on a lineup.


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Solaris doesn’t allow smuggling of your private booze in the party area. Please be aware of that fact and try not to smuggle drinks at the party place. Also be aware that security staff heard “This is just water/juice” too many times =)


Come early

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If you are a workshop junkie and spend reasonable amount of time on workshops during the day perfecting yourself – then do come early to the parties so you can dance your ass off and still manage to get in the bed on time to start a next day fresh and motivated. Early as: 23:00 – it’s a summer festival after all. :)

First and foremost: Be Nice!

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Parties are where we all come to relax and enjoy ourselves and all it takes is one rude person to ruin our party mood if he/she behaves badly, doesn’t apologize or carelessly steps on our feet. Please, please, please – don’t be that person! Take care of your fellow dancers. If you accidentally step on somebody – apologize, be polite and try to avoid collisions at any cost. Also take time and read the Etiquette articles on our web page.


Watch for your things

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You don’t need all your money, passport, credit cards, your wallet, your grandma’s jewelry and all the valuables you can think of when going to workshops. Leave those at home and carry only few things you can’t live without with you (Phone, some money and that’s it). Keep your things to minimum and leave them somewhere so you can see them during the workshop. Stealing is really rare in the salsa world, but it would be wise not to test that fact.



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SBSF features some superstars. Attend at least one workshop that some superstar holds. No matter if you dance On1, On2 or OnWhatever. If you are not advanced dancer then skip master classes and find a superstar of your choice in the regular schedule. These superstars are amazingly awesome and you will benefit from the workshop no matter the style of your dance.

Do one workshops below your level

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By doing one workshop below your level will boost your confidence, enable you to focus on details and at the same time help someone who is struggling or needs help. We all deserve a confidence boost from time to time, so treat yourself with one and pay attention to details that will broaden your existing knowledge.


Do one workshop above your level

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By doing (at least) one workshop above your level – will give you a decent challenge and keep you humble. The only way to constantly improve is to challenge yourself. We agree that it is nice in the warm comfort of your level, but even if you take special master level workshops – we are sure you will benefit from them and you will be satisfied at the end.


There are no stupid questions, but…

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If you have been asking 3rd question during the same class, that probably means that you are not on the right class level. It also means that you are taking time from all other students in the class and most probably slowing everybody down. There is a difference between asking something you didn’t understand and making a festival workshop into your own private class. Be considerate!


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Physical activity on an empty stomach is not a good idea. It’s quite self explanatory – you actually need strength to endure the workshop. If you don’t eat properly – there’s a big chance you will feel weak and dizzy. Combine that with summer heat and you could possibly faint in the middle of the workshop. It happens. Be smart and take care of your health.


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It’s summer. It’s hot. You are dancing intensively. It’s obvious that you might be losing a lot of water. So don’t faint around – carry a bottle of water with you all the time. Drink it!


Wear proper dancing clothes

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Make sure to wear clothes that is comfortable, that doesn’t restrict you and that is preferably made from natural materials, since the chances are that you will be sweating a lot. Spare shirt is advised. Girls, it would be wise to avoid high heels during the workshops because you probably want to save your feet for the night parties. If you can’t do without, then use them only for some workshops, like ladies styling.
Guys, please wear proper dance shoes, preferably with suede soles. Our workshop halls are not equipped with parquet floor, so we have to install laminate floor. Having proper shoes will help us maintain it and keep it on one piece.

Hot Spot


Hot Spot IS the point!

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This Hot Spot thing maybe looks harmless and just a place to hang between going to a beach, workshops or just when you don’t have anything smarter to do. Well this couldn’t be further from the truth. The Hot Spot is the whole point. It is a place where we can all meet in a relaxed manner, dance, chit chat, meet and exaggerate alcohol consumption as a consenting adults. But seriously… Come to the hot spot and chill there. Mingle, chat and gossip. And dance. That is the point.

Bare feet is a bad idea

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Maybe the dance floor looks inviting to take off the shoes, flip flops or whatever and dance barefooted. Well… Just don’t. Floor can be very hot and few spins will remove the skin from your sole in a heartbeat. Watch for your feet because they have to be able to dance many hours day and night through the whole festival. Also one little mistake like that can completely ruin your SBSF experience.

Moderation is the key

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Smartest thing would be to avoid Hot Spot when the sun is in it’s scorching faze. Or at least stay inside the boat, chill and take it easy. If you combine large amounts of alcohol with unreasonable amounts of sun you know what is going to happen.

Open Air

Use official SBSF busses

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SBSF organizes free busses to take you to Open Air Concert (from Solaris) and to take you back to Solaris after the shows. Busses are free so everyone is invited. Parking in Šibenik is completely messed up and hard to find so even if you have a car it is advisable to use SBSF busses. Also it’s more fun to travel with fellow salseros/as =)


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If you want to take a look at Sibenik town and roam around the narrow streets or visit some of the many churches in the city – it would be best to do it on some other day than the Open Air Concert day. It is much more comfortable to discover the city with planty of time ahead and it would be prudent to arrive fresh and full of energy at the Open Air Concert because party continues immediately after the shows in Solaris and then there’s no stoping till 7am. Some people don’t come rested to the Open Air Party and decide to take a short nap – only to wake up at 7am realizing they slept over the Saturday party. Be smarter than that.

Arrive early

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We know Hot Spot works till 8 and that one has to go shower, cange, make it to the dinner and rest a while before going to the Open Air Concert, but if you want to get some of that magical open air feeling – consider coming not later than 10. That will get you one hour of dancing and one hour of shows. So maybe the god idea is to finish with the hot spot early… Anyway… Give it a thought.

Pool Party


Have fun and go nuts!

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Pool party is a place where we all take it easy, loose our collars and indulge in some excessive immoderation. So leave the tux at home, never mind the six-pack, order a cocktail and throw yourself in to a glorious crowd. Have fun and go nuts.

Don’t overestimate yourself

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77 mojitos and a bottle of rum on the scorching sun with an empty stomach is a bad idea. You know that. Get enough rest, if you partied hard the day before – skip at least first two Sunday workshops and come in your full strength so that you can enjoy the pool party to the fullest.