Arriving by plane

There are 2 airports close to Šibenik – airport in Split (SPU) and airport in Zadar (ZAD), both around 45min drive from festival location. Zadar airport is smaller airport, but there are cheap RyanAir flights available during the summer season (how convenient). Split airport is well connected to nearly all European cities during the summer, directly or via Zagreb. There are also cheap EasyJet flights during the summer period (another convenient thing).


Landing at Split or Zadar

This option is for those of you that do not like roaming around and your goal is to get to your salsa destination as soon as possible, throw yourself in the sea, get out, put your dancing shoes on and dance your holiday away. You have two options: Zadar & Split

Then what?

Landing at Split or Zadar + sightseeing session

See this option if you like to visit new cities or if you don’t plan to move after you reach the beach. Zadar and Split are charming cities so you can visit them, spend an afternoon there, roam around and then come to the Solaris in the evening. Check the official Zadar web page, and this one: iZadar. Also and check official Split web page


Landing in other Croatian cities

Interesting choice could be to land in Dubrovnik, spend a whole day exploring that magnificent city and then come to SBSF. There are three destinations one should not miss when visiting Croatia: Dubrovnik, Plitvice and of course – SBSF. You can also come via Zagreb or Pula airport, but we suggest this option only if you are coming two days early and you can spare some time to explore Croatia. You have routes from Zagreb, Pula and Dubrovnik in coming by car/train/bus section.

Post your travel details to our transfers bulletin board

Log in with your Facebook account to our bulletin board and post your arrival and departure times. Check it few weeks before the festival, see who’s flying same time as you, form a group and share your transfer to and from the airport. Other than it’s fun (sharing a van or minibus with fellow salseros), it can cut your transfer cost immensely.

Arriving by car

When travelling to Croatia by car, during the summer months it is not unusual to come across traffic jams on borders, especially at weekends when tourists enter and leave our country in large numbers, so this has to be taken into consideration while planning a trip. That being said, Croatian motorways are in a great shape and pleasant to travel.

HAK is your best friend

HAK is short for Croatian Auto Club. They provide lot of useful information for your trip like traffic forecast, road conditions, road closures… Also, check their interactive travel map. It is really useful because you can calculate expenses, see weather on the route and browse all possible services on the road. For regular traffic news listen to Croatian radio (HR2) on the frequency 98.5 FM.

Croatia Traffic Info     Interactive Map

Road Assistance

+385 1 4693 700

If you have mobile phone App – it will send your exact coordinates so the help will find you in a jiffy. (This alone is reason enough to install the App)

Traffic Information

+385 1 464 0800

Help, advice and information on customs, travel itineraries… Free of charge, 0-24. Operators speak English, German and Italian.


Police +385 192

Ambulance +385 194

In case of accidents. God forbid.

HAK Mobile App

Before embarking on a trip install this very useful HAK App that will come handy for sure. HAK App will give you the following information: current road situations in real time, road blocks, weather forecast, 150 live web-cam road coverage, rolice radar positions, gas prices.

Download: Android, IOS