Illustrated SBSF semi-detailed Map

For those that don’t dig simple maps and find extensive maps just too much – here is a cute illustrated semi-detailed map that might be the right map for you. =) Everything of an importance is listed here except the Open Air Concert at the Šibenik – for this you will have to look at the extensive map.

Workshops & Parties are held in Hotel Ivan. This year Solaris built a brand new congres center with all the amenities so that all workshops and parties will be at one place 🙂
En Vogue Beach Bar a.k.a. Pool Party Place
Boat Trip port (it is around 15 minutes slow walk away from the Hotel Ivan so don’t be late as boat waits for no one… It will wait for a few minutes but that’s it)
The Beach
Bongos Bar – The new Hot Spot place!

Simple 3-pin SBSF Map

Well, everything is close and once you get here you will find your way around the resort easily. But anyway… If you are a „Map-person“ here it is. Maps are always cool and it helps to study them before arriving. This simple one has just 3 points: Workshop & Parties, Pool Party place and Hot Spot. That’s all you really need to know. And if you want to be a SBSF location expert, use cold winter nights to browse extensive SBSF map and mentally completely prepare yourself for the festival.

Extensive SBSF Map

This map is much more descriptive and has all you could ever need on it so it’s worth your glance. Blue icons on the map stand for hotels and touristic content (parking, restaurants, beach and so on) – while red icons represent festival related locations you should know by heart. Along with the most important things like where’s the Hot Spot, Workshops and Party venue here you can find boat trip departing location, or SBSF bus stations for the free ride to Open-Air Party. Click top left icon for the list of all location and clink on the location for more details and some nice pictures.

Workshop Locations

All festival workshops will be held in a new congres center in Hotel Ivan. All halls are air conditioned so you will be able to save some sweat for the Hot Spot.