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Trivia about Croatia or Croatians, their inventions, achievements, bears and Nikola Tesla and other things we consider our own.

We like bears…

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The Velebit shelter for bear cubs in Kuterevo (Velebit Mountain in the Lika region), is the only project of its kind registered in Croatia.
Approximately 800 to 1000 bears live in Croatia. You can visit Kuterevo through the whole year, but since the bears are hibernating from November to February it is better to save the trip for a spring, summer or early autumn

The name says it all…

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Dalmatian dogs originate from Dalmatian Riviera, they were “spotted” in a 17th Century oil painting in monastery in Dalmatia – this is thought to be the first record of the infamous pooch. Dalmatian dogs were originally bred to defend horses (in Victorian England they were called Spotted Coach-dogs).

Found some Neanderthals…

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In Krapina (near Zagreb), prof. Dragutin Gorjanovic Kramberger discovered the richest collection of remains of Neanderthal people in the world on a site. The Krapina Neanderthal Museum covers a surface area of around 1,200 m² and is one of the most modern museums in Croatia and central Europe.

We are all special…

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Ivan Vucetic- criminologist and anthropologist, was born on the island of Hvar (later emigrated in Argentina). He is a pioneer of scientific dactiloscopy (identification by fingerprints) and his methods of identification were and are used worldwide.

Reasonably smart…

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Nikola Tesla inventor of alternating current was born in 1856 in the small village of Smiljan in Croatia. Thanks to his invention we nowadays use everyday devices such as televisions, computers, and refrigerators, that is, almost everything that surrounds us

Kept this one…

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The Amphitheatre in Pula is one of only 3 preserved in the world, which was once the site of gladiator fights. Built in the 1st century AD during the reign of Emperor Vespasian, it is the 6th largest amphitheatre in existence.

Invented this one…

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“The traditional military costume with painted scarves knotted at the neck attracted the attention of the French court. This “Croatian elegant style”, which was completely unknown in Europe until then, became accepted at the French court around 1650 and became a fashionable clothing item among the bourgeoisie of the time as a symbol of culture and elegance”.

And this one too…

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David Schwartz was a pioneer of Croatian aviation. He designed and constructed the first dirigible airship. His invention was tested before the German army who accepted it. Shortly after, David Schwartz died of a heart attack, and Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin purchased the plans from his widow and constructed the airship that bore his own name.