Watch for your things

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You don’t need all your money, passport, credit cards, your wallet, your grandma’s jewelry and all the valuables you can think of when going to workshops. Leave those at home and carry only few things you can’t live without with you (Phone, some money and that’s it). Keep your things to minimum and leave them somewhere so you can see them during the workshop. Stealing is really rare in the salsa world, but it would be wise not to test that fact.



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SBSF features some superstars. Attend at least one workshop that some superstar holds. No matter if you dance On1, On2 or OnWhatever. If you are not advanced dancer then skip master classes and find a superstar of your choice in the regular schedule. These superstars are amazingly awesome and you will benefit from the workshop no matter the style of your dance.

Do one workshops below your level

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By doing one workshop below your level will boost your confidence, enable you to focus on details and at the same time help someone who is struggling or needs help. We all deserve a confidence boost from time to time, so treat yourself with one and pay attention to details that will broaden your existing knowledge.


Do one workshop above your level

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By doing (at least) one workshop above your level – will give you a decent challenge and keep you humble. The only way to constantly improve is to challenge yourself. We agree that it is nice in the warm comfort of your level, but even if you take special master level workshops – we are sure you will benefit from them and you will be satisfied at the end.


There are no stupid questions, but…

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If you have been asking 3rd question during the same class, that probably means that you are not on the right class level. It also means that you are taking time from all other students in the class and most probably slowing everybody down. There is a difference between asking something you didn’t understand and making a festival workshop into your own private class. Be considerate!


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Physical activity on an empty stomach is not a good idea. It’s quite self explanatory – you actually need strength to endure the workshop. If you don’t eat properly – there’s a big chance you will feel weak and dizzy. Combine that with summer heat and you could possibly faint in the middle of the workshop. It happens. Be smart and take care of your health.


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It’s summer. It’s hot. You are dancing intensively. It’s obvious that you might be losing a lot of water. So don’t faint around – carry a bottle of water with you all the time. Drink it!


Wear proper dancing clothes

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Make sure to wear clothes that is comfortable, that doesn’t restrict you and that is preferably made from natural materials, since the chances are that you will be sweating a lot. Spare shirt is advised. Girls, it would be wise to avoid high heels during the workshops because you probably want to save your feet for the night parties. If you can’t do without, then use them only for some workshops, like ladies styling.
Guys, please wear proper dance shoes, preferably with suede soles. Our workshop halls are not equipped with parquet floor, so we have to install laminate floor. Having proper shoes will help us maintain it and keep it on one piece.