Luky Chocolat

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fun fun fun person, passionate dancer! the kind that you spot instantly on the dancefloor because of his high energy and his (very visible) love for dance – always smiling, always singing – makes you think “i really must dance with him” :)) I would always recommend a cha cha with him :)))

One of the most versatile dancers out there

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With his presence, playfulness and musicality, Tamba is definetely a man to notice in this salsa world! His charming and friendly appearance and his playful approach to dancing makes us relax, enjoy and let go – and by doing this we all become better dancers! He masters the art of combining fun and play with knowledge and talent, and being in his classes allways leaves you with new skills – as well as with happy dancing bubbles in your entire body! He’s also one of the most versatile dancers out there – mastering and totally rocking Cuban salsa, on1, on2, chacha, Kizomba, bachata etc! He brings his own flavour and style to every class and every party – spreading smiles, amazing energy and joy for dancing – making it simply Tambalicious!!
Ingrid Berg Johnsen

Perfect feeling of music

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Tamba is one of the best dancers in the UK with perfect feeling of music, it’s very easy to understand his lead and fun to dance with, with inner feeling in the dance. I saw some videos of his shines, they are very cool and I am sure his students enjoy learning from him a lot!
Cara alegre con ojos risueños

Olya Prokhorova

Amazing, positive energy!

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I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and dancing with Tamba for the past few years. He always radiates amazing, positive energy, and dancing with him is an absolute thrill because he combines pure joy with wonderful musicality and connection to his partner! Such a rare combo!
Sasha Shu

Great sense of humour!

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I’ve been enjoying Tamba’s Cuban classes immensely for over 18 months now. Tamba is a wonderful teacher, with endless patience and a great sense of humour! The friendly classes involve a fantastic workout, as well as lots of laughter, and there’s a cultural and historical aspect too (some of the Afro Cuban orishas involve some interesting body movements!). I’ve learned so much in Tamba’s classes and look forward to the classes all week.
Jill T.

It’s great to be challenged

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I’ve really enjoyed learning On2 salsa with Tamba. It’s great to be challenged in a salsa class even after I have been learning for years and to still learn something new every week. I enjoy learning On2 from someone that is so passionate about the dance and the music and who passes on this passion in his lessons.

Amazing dance teacher!

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Tamba is a dynamic, amazing dance teacher! His classes are well explained, easy to follow, informative, social and fun! He gets to know his students and cares about them all. So if you want to build your dance confidence and have plenty of fun… don’t be shy, come along to Tamba’s classes in Nottingham. Fun guaranteed!

Carolyn B.

A wonderful teacher

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Tamba, you are a wonderful teacher who puts across different dance styles authentically in a lovely, friendly and accessible way. You always create a happy and supportive learning environment and make the learning lots of fun. You’re patient and have detailed technical skills which are way beyond those of most teachers. It’s a joy to go to your classes and I regularly recommend you to people without hesitation!
Michael H.

The best classes ever!

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The best classes ever! I haven’t danced for a few years so imagine my surprise when I first attended Tamba’s class in Nottingham, I found myself instantly transported to Cuba and the land of the Orishas as pure authenticity! This really is “as good as it gets” and I feel it’s a privilege to have such a dedicated, interested and most importantly …. FUN Teacher who is not only committed to his art and skill but is an extremely good teacher exacting the standards required to learn, dance and have fun the way that Cuban Salsa was meant to be.

Janette B.