Ricky & Tajana

Great instructors, great dancers and great people

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Great instructors, great dancers and great people! Their classes are always fun as well as challenging. Unlike a lot of dance instructors, they are focused on YOU and not on themselves. They show you what you CAN do and they give you skills necessary to do it, and they push you all the way, too! While working with a big group, they manage to approach each person individual which is amazing! If attending their class, you can be sure you will leave it richer than when you came.
Ricky, with his energy and enthusiasm makes each class more fun than you can imagine and Tajana pays attention to details thus giving you insights into moves, skills and techniques you wouldn’t have thought possible. I just love them!

Dragana Ž. K.

I bet they could teach absolutely anyone to dance

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Tajana and Jurica have contributed to the Coratian salsa scene immensely as dancers, teachers and festival organizers. They have taught and inspired generations and generations of great salsa dancers and made them fall in love with the dance and music. It is a joy to watch them dance and share their knowledge with so much passion. I bet they could teach absolutely anyone to dance, even the ones who think they have “two left feet”.

Nataša P.

They will prove you wrong!

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To attend classes from top salsa teachers is one of the most important things every man/woman that wants to improve – has to do. If you want to advance as a dancer by interpreting music, gain more fluidity, master the technique and develop your styling – Tajana & Ricky are the guys you should meet. Read More

Incredible teaching ability

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Tajana&Ricky have unbelievable dancing ability, style, and incredible teaching ability, but also charismatic sense of humor. Their classes are always filled with not only great instruction, but with high energy and lots of laughter. Learn from them is a real pleasure because they are great dancers, great instructors but also great people.

Ružica Š.

Tajana and Ricky are a MUST.

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Amazing people and even more amazing dancers and salsa teachers, they transfer their love for salsa in a fun and easy way. With them even the hardest moves seem a piece of cake. Their quirky yet elegant dance style is a joy to watch. If you want to learn some crazy salsa moves and have a lot of fun doing it, Tajana and Ricky are a MUST.

Samanta B.

Great teachers and amazing social dancers!

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If you are looking for teachers who really know their stuff, look no further. Tajana & Ricky basically live salsa – they are great teachers and amazing social dancers. Their classes are interesting, stimulating and most of all – FUN! They will teach you how to improve on your technical skills, how to move with elegance and style, and how to have fun on the dancefloor. Their combos are so smooth that you’ll want to try them out on the dancefloor right away!

Ana A.

Fun and knowledgeble

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There aren’t many teachers who can teach you New York style, LA style, Bachata, Kizomba, Cha Cha & Pachanga. There are even less whose classes you get both fun and knowledge. Even lesser who will dance with you all night long. Only a selected few will party with you during the day on a beach. All that quality in one couple. Ricky & Tajana, don’t miss them on SBSF!

Robert R.