Pool Party

Right size for spontaneous dance-offs

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It takes the right kind of balance make a pool party experience have a lasting impression, and every year SBSF team have just the right ingredients in the right quantities. A balance of music, proximity to the sea, and just the right size for spontaneous dance-offs. The experience is never forced. A testament to what can really happen when you let the party goers just get on with it. With access to the seafront a few meters away and the party lasting till late evening, one of the highlights was to go for a swim at sunset. To witness a sunset and moonrise in the sea with music in the background is something that will live on in my memory. Not to be missed.

Steven I.

Beware the hot sun, strong drinks and cute ladies

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Pool party is great, but having a pool party & chill-out pool party two days in a row, well, that’s a killer! Beware the hot sun, strong drinks and cute ladies, either of those is enough to make you lose your head. Yet there you’ve got all in one place, like I’ve said… a killer combo P.S. Not to say that ladies won’t have anything nice to look at…

Luka P.

Off the Hook!

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SBSF 2014 pool party was off the hook; great all-around organisation and atmosphere! The Soca touch with my boys made it extra special and coo :=) Bring on SBSF 2015!

Charles J.

Insaaanly good!

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I’m trying to find the words to describe this amazing, crazy, insaaanly good Salsa Beach Splash Festival and I just can’t find words good enough! It was like a dream – so beautiful but so short! And it was everything but ordinary festival!
So many beautiful dances, lots of fun, singing, hanging around, zombie cocktails and sunny summer atmosphere! That beautiful people I shared time and dances with, can’t wait to meet with you somewhere in the world again!
And that hell of a good pool party… that’s all I’m gonna say!

Anna T.

Epic Pool Party

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I just wanted to have the same SBSF of last year… Same fun level.. My expectation was just that…
Dont know how, but, SBSF 2014 was the most Fun and Enjoyable Festival of my whole life!!… Great work guys… thanks for all your works and helps!…

Sea, sun, hot spot, cathedral, parties and ofcourse that AMAZING POOL PARTY!!!! They were really epic… i enjoyed every second of them!…

Ayhan D.

Laura is in relationship

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“I can say I’m in a relationship with this event and it was love at the first sight. As ussual, I had the best time, I saw my old crazy friends and I made new ones, I enjoyed every party, every HotSpot party and the best pool party in the world.
Many thanks to Inti and Martina for this amazing week, for my romanian crazy crew, for my brother from another mother, Ahmed, for my friends around the world, for the Leon Rose crew, for the amazing instructors: Rodrigo, Selene, Magna, Franklin Diaz.”

Laura L.

Aquachanga rules!!!

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At first we were a little suspicious about the idea, but my were we wrong – Bircan said yes… And it was set! But no one could expect that people will love it that much! It was wet! It was fun! It was Great!

Pool Party was absolutely awesome!

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“Pool party was absolutely awesome! Everybody was in the crazy super-fun mood, lots of dancing and laughing, great animations by incredible instructors… It’s definitely one of the reasons why I can’t wait for SBSF 2015! Just wish it would start earlier in the afternoon so we can have even more time to party!”

Snježana B.

How we see it

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The thing is that everyone had so much fun on the pool party that we have nothing to say… But ok, yes… we will play more salsa & sensual next year for those of you that complained to the party music. But around 5 the party music will start. So if you want those salsas, bachatas and kizombas in the pool, come early :)

Some guys should drink

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This is Leon Rose. This guy can drink more than anyone we ever met. And he does. (And we met some people that really really can deliver… Fever Dance Studio anyone?) – Anyway… The thing is that Leon has some strange ability to instantly become sober when he has to teach a workshop, MC, or something… which makes him very cool and professional at the same time. Go Figure.

Some guys shouldn’t drink…

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This is Rodrigo in some hectic super-crazy pool madness moment. Usually he’s a nice guy that doesn’t drink, behaves always appropriately and is generally a guy every mother would love to give her daughter to. To cut the long story short, Rodrigo had so much “fun” at the Pool Party that he managed to recover and come to the evening party at 6:00am – with sunglasses… and not speaking much… but we have to commend him for attending :)

About Tea and her appropriate t-shirt

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Statement t-shirts are cool if the fit the occasion… and if you find them on the beautiful girl – the better. This is Tea with the perfect fit! She is also our gorgeous MC on the St. James’ Cathedral Open air party… Just saying… So if you find Tea wondering around with this t-shirt, please bring her to the pool party.