Dance with people you DON’T dance on regular bases.

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Do not dance too much with people you dance on regular basis during the year. Coming to another country and paying lots of money to get what you get on your regular local party is really a waste. This is maybe most useful advice we can dispense. Our beautiful world of salsa is so awesome because through salsa festivals we can meet new, different and exciting people, make new salsa friends and broaden our experiences, horizons and perception. Dance with people you don’t see often and especially with people you never met! Make new experiences! This is the main point and most beautiful thing about festivals.

Rude individuals

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If someone is behaving unapropriately, rude, drunk or in some way disregarding others on the dance floor and making others uncomfortable – Let us know! Find organizers or anyone from the organization team and show them that rude individual. We believe that floor manners are vital for collective festival experience and we will do whatever we can to keep the floor pleasant for anyone.


Mind the DJ!

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If you are not doing it so far, please start now: When you hear a good song that makes you run to the dance floor so you don’t lose a single beat – take a look at who is playing. We need this feedback and lots of people don’t care for the DJs so they can’t give us this information when we ask =(
Be proactive and get to know DJs, their music and style. This will help us to bring best DJs in the future and at the same time you will know what to expect when you see a DJ on a lineup.


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Solaris doesn’t allow smuggling of your private booze in the party area. Please be aware of that fact and try not to smuggle drinks at the party place. Also be aware that security staff heard “This is just water/juice” too many times =)


Come early

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If you are a workshop junkie and spend reasonable amount of time on workshops during the day perfecting yourself – then do come early to the parties so you can dance your ass off and still manage to get in the bed on time to start a next day fresh and motivated. Early as: 23:00 – it’s a summer festival after all. :)

First and foremost: Be Nice!

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Parties are where we all come to relax and enjoy ourselves and all it takes is one rude person to ruin our party mood if he/she behaves badly, doesn’t apologize or carelessly steps on our feet. Please, please, please – don’t be that person! Take care of your fellow dancers. If you accidentally step on somebody – apologize, be polite and try to avoid collisions at any cost. Also take time and read the Etiquette articles on our web page.