Open Air guide

Use official SBSF busses

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SBSF organizes free busses to take you to Open Air Concert (from Solaris) and to take you back to Solaris after the shows. Busses are free so everyone is invited. Parking in Šibenik is completely messed up and hard to find so even if you have a car it is advisable to use SBSF busses. Also it’s more fun to travel with fellow salseros/as =)


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If you want to take a look at Sibenik town and roam around the narrow streets or visit some of the many churches in the city – it would be best to do it on some other day than the Open Air Concert day. It is much more comfortable to discover the city with planty of time ahead and it would be prudent to arrive fresh and full of energy at the Open Air Concert because party continues immediately after the shows in Solaris and then there’s no stoping till 7am. Some people don’t come rested to the Open Air Party and decide to take a short nap – only to wake up at 7am realizing they slept over the Saturday party. Be smarter than that.

Arrive early

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We know Hot Spot works till 8 and that one has to go shower, cange, make it to the dinner and rest a while before going to the Open Air Concert, but if you want to get some of that magical open air feeling – consider coming not later than 10. That will get you one hour of dancing and one hour of shows. So maybe the god idea is to finish with the hot spot early… Anyway… Give it a thought.