Incredible musicality and movement!

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Nataša is one of a kind and unique in her dancing style and energy. She is motivating people all around the world with her incredible musicality and movement, inspiring them to make a big step forward in their dancing. She is one beautiful soul and amazing friend. Don’t miss her classes and, specially, don’t miss social dancing with her – you can enjoy by dancing with her or just by watching her :-)

Tajana V.

Truly a pleasure to dance with

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There are those of us that dance and those of us who are dancers. Natasa is definitely a dancer. Known for her effortless, smooth and always funky dancing, she is truly a pleasure to dance with. If in any doubt then you just have to look at the smile on her dance partner’s face.
Oz E.

A perfect mixture of urban cool with a touch of sleek class

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Natasha is the kind of dancer you want to spend the whole night following around with your eyes, the kind of dancer who makes you want to become her shadow! Geeky and sweet off the dance floor, music transforms her into a perfect mixture of urban cool with a touch of sleek class. Challenge yourself to look away – you’ll definitely fail every time!

Annabelle J.

Natasha is really unique

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In my opinion, dancing with Natasha is really unique. Her following is amazing, she is always focused both on the partner and on the dance so that you can build up a real connection. Furthermore, she is as light as a feather without any negative influence on her reaction. This is the way a dance should be for me – completely smooth from the beginning, with a constant smile