Her playful personality and style are unmatched

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Magna is probably the most inspiring salsa dancer and teacher in the world. Her playful personality and style are unmatched, her skill and precision are unbelievable, and on top of that, she is a mesmerizing teacher – I never saw anyone get a whole hall of people’s attention just by showing up on stage. For me, a true salsa superstar.

Tomislav G.

She is a heart of every party

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Now Magna is everyone’s favorite! She’s patient instructor that always gives you extra useful info, a performer that put’s the “M” in Musicality, dancer that you’ll want to dance with no matter if you lead or follow, and most of all – a heart of every party! On SBSF you’ll notice her everywhere: hot spot, boat trip, pool party, … and if she’s not there you should know you’re missing a better party somewhere else

Luka P.


Magna lights up every festival she attends

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By not only being one of the most amazing dancers to watch, but also one of the kindest and most wholehearted people, Magna lights up every festival she attends. Watching and learning from her is an experience that changes your dancing. Her way of making you understand what her body does works wonders and will improve your awareness a lot. Great time with her last year and can’t wait to see her again at SBSF 2015!

Terez S.

A massive THANK YOU!

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Hi Magna, I wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for taking the time to meet with myself and Florence Picoli when you were recently in London. It was such an honour meeting you and being able to learn from such a wonderfully humble yet great dancer! Read More

No 1!

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I’ve done so many Magna’s classes and I will do as many more! They inspire me every time and they helped me learn how to interpret music better. By far my N°1!

Tea V.

“Search for a flaw” journey

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We have to admit that we were little bothered with this Magna girl… Maybe because everyone glorifies her so much that it often crosses the point of good taste and civilized manners. Everyone is in love with her, every leader wants to dance with her… Followers too… They all stand in line to grab a chance and dance with her. Who do we invite – we often asked a fellow dancer… Magna! – they say… All of them no less.

Well Magna – Shmagna say we.

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You have to love Magna!

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You just can’t help it – you have to love Magna! She is a wonderful dancer with remarkable skill and breathtaking musicality, stunning on stage, adorably playful and creative on the social dancefloor, a generous teacher willing to always share her enormous dance knowledge in and out of her classes, but maybe most of all – she is just a bucket full of sunshine. Read More

Incredible knowledge

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Magna has incredible knowledge about all aspects of salsa dancing including among others lead/follow technique, musicality, styling and dance floor etiquette. She knows how to make dancing work and be exciting for dancers of all levels, from beginners to the most advanced. On top of that she is enthusiastic about conveying her knowledge, and an excellant teacher! So it was a real pleasure and a great help to my salsa dancing to take part in her workshops.

Steven I.