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Hot Spot IS the point!

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This Hot Spot thing maybe looks harmless and just a place to hang between going to a beach, workshops or just when you don’t have anything smarter to do. Well this couldn’t be further from the truth. The Hot Spot is the whole point. It is a place where we can all meet in a relaxed manner, dance, chit chat, meet and exaggerate alcohol consumption as a consenting adults. But seriously… Come to the hot spot and chill there. Mingle, chat and gossip. And dance. That is the point.

Bare feet is a bad idea

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Maybe the dance floor looks inviting to take off the shoes, flip flops or whatever and dance barefooted. Well… Just don’t. Floor can be very hot and few spins will remove the skin from your sole in a heartbeat. Watch for your feet because they have to be able to dance many hours day and night through the whole festival. Also one little mistake like that can completely ruin your SBSF experience.

Moderation is the key

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Smartest thing would be to avoid Hot Spot when the sun is in it’s scorching faze. Or at least stay inside the boat, chill and take it easy. If you combine large amounts of alcohol with unreasonable amounts of sun you know what is going to happen.