There are good reasons why she is considered one of the best all over the world

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Just standing in front of her you will feel her grace and warmth. One of the most elegant, natural dancers out there. She will win you over with her beautiful smile and make you wonder how someone so great can be so humble at the same time. As for the dancing and teaching – there are good reasons why she is considered one of the best in the salsa scene all over the world!

Martina G.

Can’t wait to learn from her!

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Griselle is one of my all time favorite salsa dancers! I simply adore her style – it’s not that much about WHAT she does, it’s HOW she does it. Every move she makes is so full of flavor and charisma that chills go up my spine just from watching her – and I would kill to be able to do something even a bit similar to that So for me – this bootcamp is a must! I probably won’t be able to follow it all, but I’m still going to try my best – even if I don’t manage to do the whole thing, I’m still certain that the training itself will catapult my dancing to another level! Can’t wait to learn from her!

Aleksandra S.

This woman is a LEGEND!

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This woman is a LEGEND! Her fluid movement, amazing musicality and oh, that pachanga… I’ve never been to her classes but just seeing her on the line up makes me wanna jump and dance around my house. Counting days. See you all in the first row!

Ana S.

Born with class

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You have to be born with elegance and class like that! Diva in the best meaning of that word! °I could watch this woman dance for hours! She makes it look so effortless and fun!

Tea V.

Insane stage presence

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Griselle Ponce is known to many as “The Diva”. And rightly so. Women around the world base their dance style on this woman. Known for her sexy movement, amazing beauty, electric smile, and “insane” stage presence

The woman.

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The woman. The jaw-dropper. The legend. The goddess. The one that leaves both men and women completely speechless and amazed by the way she moves. The inspiration of probably every real salsa dancer. Anywhere. Ever. It will be a privilege to learn from her:)