He will take you to another level

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He will challenge you and push you to your limits. You will feel awkward and uncomfortable – but then you will realize it’s your body learning something completely new. He is charming, energetic, he will take you to another level. And if you’re a girl and you catch him on a dancefloor in the evening… well, it just might be one of the best dance experiences of your life.

Martina G.

No autopilot to be seen here

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I am a guy, and I actually never took any of Franklin’s classes, but last year I witnessed him coming to a party where he danced his feet off, giving everything to each dance for a hour straight, before taking a rest. Many people dance on autopilot when they are tired. No autopilot to be seen here.

Tomislav G.

You think you know everything about body movement?

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You think you know everything about body movement? You don’t if you haven’t seen Franklin. Incorporating amazing movement in the most ordinary step and making it look natural is his thing. Crazy classes and show last year, which were super impressive. Can’t wait to see what he comes up with this year at SBSF 2015.

Terez S.

He is my inspiration

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He is my mentor my coach my inspiration. If you attend a workshop with him you will see why. I never saw someone dancing like him. You will get to know muscles in your class you probably never moved before that much. It’s so great having him for the festival in Europe.

Nadine N.

Nice slap in the face

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If you think you have nothing new to learn in salsa, take Franklin’s class and he will prove you wrong! It’s a nice slap to the face everyone needs to have every once in a while to remember you can always progress more!

Tea V.

The man, the master.

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The man, the master. Women drool, men shake their head in amazement. Franklin has a level of control over his movements which never ceases to astonish. While many a mere mortal and dance fanatic will likely struggle to get even remotely close to emulating him, attending Franklin’s classes is as much about inspiration as it is about challenge!

Annabelle J.

The way he moves is just out of this world

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Sometimes (ok… most of the time) I wonder if this guy is even human! People who know me can testify that I don’t shut up easily, but the first time I have seen him dance my jaw just dropped and I remained speechless! And actually, he has kinda had that effect on me ever since:) The way he moves is just out of this world, almost like having some extraterrestrial superpower – Read More

Franklin is out of this world!

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His movement is out of this world! I can’t repeat 10% of what he’s doing, but the personal renaissance I experience during the class is beyond words and priceless for me. He questions everything that I know or I think I know and still I love him! Considering to become a groupie.

Martin C.