Floor manners

Don’t dance too close!

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Yes, “too close” can be hard to define – specially between two consenting adults, but we all know how much is socially acceptable – so don’t play stupid. Other people around you will be uncomfortable if you stretch that “thin line” so please be mindful of that. If you feel lucky, invite that special or un-special someone to your private party and go nuts. But on the social dance floor and among fellow salseros – hold your horses.


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Salsa is meant to be fun so show your partner that you’re enjoying yourself with the easiest method possible; smiling. So smile. Let your partner know you are enjoying the dance. It costs nothing and it makes you a nice person. Be a nice person.


Do not teach

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Under any circumstances DO NOT teach your partner on the dance floor, especially if you don’t know your partner very well.. This is extremely rude, degrading to some and just bad manners. If someone wants you to help him/her – find a suitable place and dispense your enormous knowledge if you must. Do it anytime and anywhere BUT on the dance floor during the party. If you come across a beginner ADJUST to his/her dancing level and make him/her enjoy the party. Period.

Be nice!

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Don’t clog up the dance floor. If the dance floor is crowded, find a space that can accommodate a couple or just wait for the another song! Be polite, ask for a dance politely, read the etiquette articles, be mindful of the other dancers and apologize if you bump to someone. Really apologize and see how much you hurt someone. (it’s a man’s fault so guys – watch out)

Dress to impress

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Whether we like it or not, the way we present ourselves on the dance floor is almost as important as our dancing skills. You can be great dancer but if your appearance is not matching your skills, the chances are you will not be noticed or worse – you will be avoided for bad personal hygiene. So prepare for the party and present the „best you“ possible. So first and most important – hygiene: shower, brush your teeth, use deodorant/perfume, etc… And second – presentation: wear nice and clean clothes that portrays your personal style.
Parties lasts for 7-8h , that’s a long time, so if you are a sweat-a-lot kind of person make sure to bring spare t-shirt or a towel. Other thank that – it’s always smart to have chewing gums, deodorant and other stuff that can come useful as s quick refreshment during the dance breaks.