First and foremost

Manage your energy

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SBSF is a 6 day long action packed madness. If you attempt to seize the most out of all festival activities, attend all parties from start to end and plan on making it on first workshop in the morning – you will fail miserably. It is humanly impossible to attend everything. Manage your energy, get enough sleep, eat well, stay hydrated, rest when you feel weak, Stay in the bed till afternoon if last night you made a “77-mojitos-in-an-hour” bet and generally – take it easy.


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Talk to us. We like to dream of a perfect Salsa Beach Splash festival but for that to happen we need your feedback. Let us know everything you think might be helpful. Find us on the festival grounds, send us an e-mail, tell to the festival staff or hire a pigeon to deliver the message. Just make sure we get you. So share your uncensored thoughts of improvements, flaws, disappointments and compliments. Don’t be shy and don’t hold back and don’t think “I will do it when I get home”. Do it immediately and we will be grateful.

Wear your pass at all times

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Please take this seriously. Wear adequate pass bracelet on your left hand all the time. (Not on the leg, in the bag, on your little finger or anything “creative”. We have zero tolerance on frauds. Only firmly locked and undamaged bracelet will be considered valid. Since now we have seen all the tricks in the book that people use to avoid paying for a pass, so please don’t test us. If you are found on the party/workshop/pool party grounds without a proper pass you will be escorted off the grounds immediately and charged on the spot.