DJ Loic

The world will love him!

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Good thing I’m not completely shameless otherwise I’d be stopping by the DJ decks in O’Sullivan (Paris) after every song he plays to get the name of it and annoy him to hell! I’m pretty sure the world will love him!

Mark G.

I have never been disappointed

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Loic was trained by the best and is now a very polished DJ, so I always set my expectations high for his sets and I have never been disappointed! He is a passionate collector of salsa music and is not afraid to play bold tracks that people end up loving!

Tea T.


So Fresh and flavorful

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DJ Loic’s salsa sound is a mixture of fresh tracks he finds god knows where and  spectacular influence of his mentor – Gabriel. This collision of youth and tradition made Loic very interesting to listen! Also, you will have to listen and dance at the same time as his every set is great!

Suzanne M.