DJ Haihan

Intelligent DJ

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Love hearing Haihan play – he’s an intelligent DJ who pays attention to the dancefloor, plays dancer-friendly music which is still musically interesting enough just to listen to, and he always manages to delight me with something I’m not expecting!

Chip M.

Glorious punishment

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I wasn’t aware of Haihan’s prowess on the DJ decks till the very first Salsa Beach Splash Festival. Filling the last slot of the Saturday evening, he had just the right recipe to keep everyone dancing till closing time. I recall pleading with him to play fewer inspiring tracks cause I didn’t think my feet could take anymore of that glorious punishment. I’m glad he didn’t listen to me then. I’ve been a fan ever since and his consistency has remained at a high level whilst his catalogue has grown. Very knowledgable on music by various artists, his enthusiasm for the art form as a whole is palpable. I have a personal agreement to be notified of every single gig he has a booking for. That way I can guarantee there will be fireworks on the dance floor. Stalker much – you ask? Haha! – Just wait till you hear him spin!

Steven A.

Natural talent

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There’s plenty of salsa DJs out there, but there’s very few who have a natural talent for creating a composition that keeps you on your feet all night long – flowing from one great song, to another in perfect harmony and not noticing your sore feet. Haihan is one of these rare talents. He carefully plans each night – where each song fits in the night, what tempo should go where, how does each song work musically with the dancers – and this shows. You really couldn’t find a more soulful, considered, fun and musical DJ out there.

Anya Z.