Salsa Beach Splash Festival

SBSF is a 6 day salsa madness created for all of you salsa lovers that want more than your average weekender.

With all festival activities in one beautiful place – Solaris Beach Resort – SBSF packs all salsa fun and sweat you could need for your summer salsa fix: Boot camp, SBSF Academy, Sensual Academy, regular workshops, special master workshops, Boat trip, Open air concert, 6 parties, every day Hot Spot at the beach and a infamous Pool Party.


Summer is made for this

Hot Spot – All day long!

Hot Spot is the heart of the Salsa Beach Splash Festival. So, do roam around, visit the city and browse other locations and everything – but come back to the Hot Spot. We will all be there. We will mingle, dance in the sun and get the most of that summer thing.


Take a bow

Supercool Artists

Salsa Artists are our mentors. We choose to attend certain workshop because we admire the artist’s personal interpretation and the particularity he brings to the table. All of them are very good performers and teachers, but some of them are great. We tried to bring you the finest blend of carefully selected international artists that, in our humble opinion, represent what the essence of salsa dance is… Or what it could be… Or what it should be.


Go nuts!

Pool Party

This is a dream party for all you party animals out there! Pool Party has it all: if you prefer chilling with your Mojito and soak up the sun or dive in to the euphoric crowd, or anything in between – it is there. There’s also a bar in the pool so you don’t have to get out of the water to get your favorite drink.


St. James Cathedral Open Air Concert

Open Air Concert

500 years of footsteps unintentionally polished the stone in front of the St. James Cathedral to create a perfect floor for your latest salsa steps… This authentic, 15th century stage and a live band concert provide the charm and atmosphere that will take you to the journey you will keep among your favorite salsa memories.


grow and prosper

Workshop Overdose

However „summery“ summer salsa congress may be, don’t miss the workshops with some of the world’s best salsa artists. This year’s lineup will feature Grupo Alafia Salsa Seminar, Kwenda Lima Sensual Seminar and Boot camp with the greatest salsa diva there is: Griselle Ponce. You can also take advantage of Special Master level Workshops that are sold separately or just go for the regular classes.


49 ginger headed saillors...

Party Animal Boat Trip

Contagious summer party music awaits you on the boat before you set a foot on the deck and best DJs will feed your party animal for the whole trip. There’s also a lunch, cocktails, gorgeous archipelago, sightseeing, and a whole lot a boat rockin’, Not for the faint of heart.


10m from the sea

Neverending Parties

At Salsa Beach Splash Festival parties last till breakfast. It takes a serious salsero/a to endure 6 of them with all the beach fun, Hot Spot madness and workshops – it is really hard to do. So please mind your feet, manage your sleep and stay hydrated. (Vodka, Tequila and Mohito don’t hydrate you) – just saying. And see you at breakfast!


En Vogue

Solaris Beach Resort

5 hotels, 10 pools, Aquapark, 15 bars, 6 restaurants, wellness and all that jazz. Solaris will tend for your every whim :) The thing you don’t want to miss is definitely authentic restaurant recreated as Dalmatian ethno village.  4km groomed beach also helps. Having salsa festival at the beach also helps immensely.


3 km of beachy wonder


3 km of beachy wonder

(the) Beach

Solaris White Beach is 4km long gorgeous palm equipped sun shade installed massage included Croatian wonder you’re going to love. You can go crazy or just lay beneath the shade, absorb the overall sweetness and enjoy the view at the pure turquoise sea and Šibenik arhipelago.


Plitvice national park

Discover Croatia

When in Sibenik: Visit at least 1 of 4 spectacular forts (the one on the sea is awesome), see the Cathedral (Open air concert), Take half of the day off and see National Park Krka, If you have time go and see Visovac. There’s many cool stuff worth visiting so go and have a blast!

SBSF was simply The Absolutely BESTEST congress I’ve ever been to. Number of spectacular dances and dancers is simply unmatched. Big thanks to everyone who made it soooo special and possible for us!
Replay needed indeed!

Marian G.

Apologies for this, but I have a major complaint about the Salsa Beach Splash Festival: I am about to get hit by major post-congress-depression, I miss absolutely everyone, I don’t think I’ll be able to appreciate average DJ sets ever again, my feet are no longer happily throbbing and above all, I am more addicted to bloody salsa than ever. You people have ruined me!! I need more! – feeling emotional.

Annabelle J.

I’m back from Salsa Beach Splash Festival and I can say I’m in a relationship with this event and it was love at the first sight. As ussual, I had the best time, I saw my old crazy friends and I made new ones, I enjoyed every party, every HotSpot party and the best pool party in the world. Can’t wait for the next SBSF.

Laura L.

When and Where

4th – 9th, July 2017

At gorgeous Solaris Beach Resort, near Šibenik, in Croatia.
Closest airports are Split – 50km (SPU) and Zadar – 68km (ZAD)